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This is an independent workshop for software developers and freelancers. We offer free courses, project hosting and programming services. Join us to learn new skills and gain experience working on open source projects.
This workshop is for anyone who wish to learn computer programming. We have an original program where members can learn by doing. Our goal is to provide good tools and services for software engineering. Read more about us on program page.
We host research classes and tutorials for programming and software design. We do not dig too deep into a topic but we provide just enough resources to get you started. Most distinctive features of our classes are the rating exams and leader-boards.
After training you can remain anonymous or you can subscribe and join our team. For subscribers we grant a testimonial document and profile page. On your business card you can use a new email address: <you> Then make this workshop your virtual office. 
Our projects are created for learning new technology. We host open source and private projects for research. In the future we will provide project related artifacts for download: diagrams, slides, e-books,  video lectures, help files and packages.
We provide basic services for freelancers and premium for subscribers. Our services are secure, reliable and scalable. We enable you to host a research project that can grow big. You can find and invite other members to join you if they have the right skills.