About us

SageCode is an independent research organization for Computer Science and Information Technology. We host add-free content for learning software engineering, programming languages, algorithms, databases and high performance computing. Our members are young students and computer enthusiasts from all over the world.
We believe that research should be practical and active rather then theoretical and passive.  We enable members to “learn by doing” and create useful applications to better the world.  We offer an unique opportunity for students and scholars to learn and practice computer programming in a stress-free environment.
Our activity is exclusive on-line.  Every user is working from home computer, laptop or mobile device anywhere in the world. This website is our virtual office where we host courses and training projects. We use discord app to communicate and recruit new members. We use a free tracker for project management and work items.
Note: If you already know stuff, you can register and take one or more exams. If you pass, you will be promoted and you can join our research team. If not, you can start your training any time. This is a fast learning apprenticeship program. We offer guidance and support for new members to become professional software developers.
We offer free and premium self-study courses with tutorial articles, videos and examples. You can join any time and study in your own pace.
If you pass required exams we grant you a specialization certificate. This is published on your profile page and printed in color ink on special paper.
We create public projects for training. Certified members can create and register private projects for skills showcase, teaching or business.
Note: We are preparing hardware and software infrastructure to provide project hosting and programming services for individual entrepreneurs and companies. To know us better visit: frequent questions page. We look forward to work on your project. Enjoy your visit!