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About us

SageCode is an independent research community for information technology and computer science. Our team members are certified developers and software engineers. We offer knowledge assessment, training and programming services.
This community is for anyone who want to research and gain work experience in IT. We have an original program where members can learn-by-doing. Here you can participate with code examples and research articles. Best members are listed on service/rating page for hire.
We host research classes for programming and software design. Each class contains tutorial articles, video lectures and exams. In these classes we teach about personal computers, information technology and programming. If you have the skills you can become instructor.
After training and practice you can advertise your expertise using a profile page. Upon your request we can create and publish a testimonial document about your skills and activity. This gives you an edge for finding new projects and jobs. 
Our projects are created for learning new technology. We host open source and private projects. In the future we will provide project related downloads and documentation.
You can work alone or invite other members to join you. For this you need project hosting services and tools. We offer premium services and support for all members.