About us

SageCode is an independent research organization for Computer Science and Information Technology. We study software engineering, programming languages and high performance computing. Join us and connect with other members to work on projects, share knowledge and learn new skills.


Our goals are to understand, describe, explain, and apply Computer Science. We believe research should be practical and relevant, not theoretical and passive. We enable members to learn and gain experience by working on research projects.


We are putting together a Think-Tank. For this we invite visitors to register, take courses and get certified. You can start as free member to get familiar with our activity. Later you can subscribe for a role or get promoted for your activity.

We offer free on-line courses based on video lectures, references, examples, and exams. For some courses we create premium tutorials.
If you follow two or more courses and pass the exams we grant you certificate and you get promoted. Then you have access to premium content.
We host projects and code snippets. These can be open source or private. If you are freelancer or researcher you can create new projects.

If you already know stuff, you can take the exams and prove yourself. If you pass, you can join our research group. If not, you can select a course and study. We offer guidance and support for learning on Discord. Here you can discuss about your own project. Our researchers can review your code and give advice or even join your project to help building it.