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About us

Sage-Code is an independent research laboratory for remote study. We have an unique program where you can learn Computer Science and Software Engineering on-line without admittance exam. We offer accessible training using simplified English for international users. 
This laboratory is for freelancers who wish to study and practice Computer Science. Our members team-up and work together on projects to evaluate new technology. 
We host on-line tutorials for beginners to start learning computer science. After training, you can join one of our research projects or you can start your very own.
Our content is add free and safe for young adults. If you are senior developer visit our service page and subscribe for premium support. If you do so then you are one of us. This will give you a new e-mail address and server space for your portfolio so you can represent yourself to apply for jobs or freelancing projects.

Enjoy your visit: activity, trainingservices