About us

SageCode is an independent research community. We host courses and exams for Computer Science and Information Technology. Here you can learn and work as volunteer on open source projects to gain experience and knowledge. We spend our time installing, testing, experimenting and writing articles about it. That is why our tag line is: Research Laboratory.
We review information technology and offer an opinion about it. Our main goal is to provide software development tools and programming services. You can read more about this program in the manifesto.
Our activity is exclusively on-line. This website is a virtual workshop where we host courses and  projects. After you register you can use our services to learn, connect with other users and manage your project.
This is a workshop for self motivated developers and young entrepreneurs. You can join us to boost your career by learning new skills. After training you can remain anonymous or you can subscribe and become a professional developer. This can be your virtual office for business contact.
We host lightweight on-line courses focused on programming and software design. We do not dig too deep into a topic but we provide just enough to get you started. Most appreciated features of our courses are the code examples the rating exams and the leader-boards.
We host public projects for training and private projects for research. Our projects are designed for learning technology. In the future we will provide project related digital artifacts for download: diagrams, slides, e-books,  video lectures and executable app.