About us

SageCode is an independent research organization for Computer Science and Information Technology. We study software engineering, algorithms and parallel computing. Here one can learn, teach or practice computer programming.
Our goals are to understand, describe and use Computer Science. We believe research can be practical and relevant, not theoretical and passive. We enable members to “learn by doing”  with examples and training projects.
Our activity is on-line.  This website is our virtual office where we host a forum a tracker and courses.We use discord app to communicate and recruit new members. You can join our chat room using invitation button from contact page.
Note: If you already know stuff, you can skip all courses and take one or more exams. If you pass, you will be promoted and you can join our team. If not, subscribe and become an apprentice or contact us to ask questions. Here you can make friends and find guidance. For more details visit: questions page and next 3 pages below …
We offer free on-line courses and tutorials. Our classes are based on articles, videos and examples.
If you pass required exams we grant you a specialization certificate. This is published on your profile page.
We create public and private projects for training. Certified members can create and register new projects.