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What is Wee?

Wee is a low level computer language initiated by Sage-Code members in December-2008 when we have discussed about Bee failing to be a simple learning tool. Our goal was to make a minimalist language to learn how to make a primitive compiler. This project is in bad shape, its developement is uncertain!
Wee Logo
Disclaimer: In this documentation we reffer to Wee language using perfect tense like it is already realized, but it is not. Please just consider reading instead of "is", "should be". This is to avoid document rework after implementation. However all can be changed. We are debating on Discord what is a better way.

Wee Inception

Wee is an exercise language with didactic purposes. It is just a toy, nothing serious therefore has it's name "wee" that means: "little". We will probably use some concepts from Wee in two other languages: Bee, EVE. If we prove that works then maybe we find an application for it.



Color syntax is not available for .css therefore we have used Notepad++ to create a custom language and took these two screen-shots. For details about syntax we use black & white code. Only these two demo examples are using color.

Wee Node


Wee Pointer



There is a lot of work to make examples for Wee. You must dowload wee-udl.xml and install it on your computer. We will post instructions soon. We will also make a repository on GitHub to host demo code. So far there is no repository available becouse there is no code to store.

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