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Wee Language

Wee is a structured computer language for high performance computing and system programming. It is a statically typed general purpose language from Algol family. Wee is designed for beginners to learn low level programming, compilers and high performance computing.


Design documents are maintained on GitHub using Wiki pages. Language evolution is driven by community. If you wish to contribute start reading the documentation.  If you are prepared you can make proposals using code examples, modify or create a new wiki pages then make a pull request. Also you can post ideas, ask questions and make comments on Forum.

Wee GitHub: Language Specification


Our team will start working on a compiler after specification is ready. Probably we will use C++ and LLVM but is possible we can use Assembly, Fortran or other system languages. If you are a compiler savvy you can write your own version of compiler for a specific platform using your favorite language.

Rating Exam

If you have read the specification you can take this short quiz. If you pass I will invite you to contribute with small tasks. Also you can suggest improvements using support tickets or posting on Projects Forum. We review specification often and we add new features. Therefore some questions may be out of sync. We update the exam frequently.

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