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Wee Language

Wee is a technical computer language close to metal. It is designed as target language for compilers, interpreters and virtual machines. Main goal for this research project is to learn about compilers and low level programming.


Wee is imperative, type-less language. It has simple concepts like: comments, variables, control flow, subroutines and repetitive statements. It has keywords instead of curly brackets for blocks of code.

Wee is a free form minimalist language but is not type safe. It has one single data type: integer. It has no memory management and no error recovery mechanism. It is not object oriented nor functional.

Wee has short English keywords and is human readable but not very productive since it does not have higher level features and abstract concepts required by large applications.


Wee repository is hosted on If you have an account you can clone it on your computer. If you wish to contribute, you can post comments on forum. Also you can join Discord community and chat with the author if you are registered freelancer.


Every member can develop a new compiler for Wee using his favorite computer language. We will try to improve Wee specification so that you can create Wee using Wee itself. This is called: “bootstrapping” or “self hosting”.