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CST: Technology

This class is about Information Technology. You will learn many things in this course related to internet, platforms, file storage, frameworks and services. After this class you will know how to install and configure services to host your applications on the server.


The best way to start this class is to install an operating system. For this you need an experimental computer or virtual machine. This is a computer simulator. You can install a virtual machine like any other program on your desktop computer or on the cloud.

Operating System

Next video is a short introduction to Operating Systems. Watch time is only 25 min. This is good to watch if you are a complete beginner. If you do not like my English accent you can read the text article to learn these things by yourself.  Introduction to Operating Systems

Technology Stacks

After you have learned about operating systems you are ready to study my articles about technology stacks. In these articles I will explain what you need to learn for creation of specific applications. 

Rating Exam

This exam is a technical interview about the basic features of operating systems, file storage. system programming and technology stacks. After you pass this exam you can run your own server in the cloud or configure your office servers.

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Leaderboard: Information Technology

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