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CSP: Programming

Welcome to programming class. Here you can learn several computer languages. Professional developers should master 2 computer languages and be familiar with at least 3 more.


  • You need basic understanding of programming methodology, propositional logic, algebra and mathematics. These things are presented in CSE: Software Engineering;
  • After you pass at least 2 exams you can submit a ticket to be registered in our official research team. Then you can claim your Sage Code qualification testimonial;
  • You must be a registered member to take the rating exams and to record your score in our top list. If you are not registered you can read the pages but you can not take all the exams.

Short review

Next I briefly present 10 popular computer languages. For each language I spend about 12 minutes: there are no advertisements and no interruptions. If you have already decided what language to learn you can skip this presentation and start learning.

Freelance Class

Curriculum: Next languages are recommended for freelancers to build dynamic websites. You can take any of these classes as visitor. If you register and pass at least two, with more than 80% we will promote you to researcher role.
#Class DifficultyLanguage DescriptionReference
0HTML+CSSDefault language for static web pageshtml & css
1JavaScript★★Default language for dynamic web
2Python★★★Popular dynamic scripting
3Ruby★★★★Most productive language for back-endruby & rails
4PHP★★★★Most popular language for dynamic
5PL/SQL★★★★★Oracle database programming

Research Class

Curriculum: Next languages are for researchers to build high performance applications. For these languages you need to register before you can take the rating exams. If you pass at least two, with more than 80% you will be promoted to instructor role.
#Class DifficultyLanguage DescriptionReference
0C★★Multi-paradigm system
1C#★★★Default language for Windows
2Go★★★Concurrent language for Google
3Julia★★★★Academic dynamic language by
4Java★★★★Android APP default
5Rust★★★★Safe system programming
6Swift★★★★★Apple’s mobile devices default


Prospects: If you research any other computer language and wish to share your notes, please  contact us using a support ticket or message on Discord, Reddit, Twitter or Linked-in.