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CSP: Programming

This is a series of classes for learning syntax for several computer languages. A professional developer must know at least 5 computer languages. We recommend best languages for freelancers first. Good luck on study!


  • Before taking any of these classes you should follow CSE: Engineering;
  • For senior classes you must be registered member to take the rating exam;
  • For database developers we recommend CSD: Databases class before PL/SQL;

Video Review

Next playlist is a short review for top 10 most popular computer languages. Each video is about one computer language. If you have already decided what language to learn you can skip these lectures.

Junior Classes

Junior classes are recommended for new developers. We use these languages to create dynamic website applications and test automation for our customers. For these classes we provide introductory articles and examples using color syntax. Exams for these classes are designed for beginners in computer science.
#Class PageDifficultyLanguage DescriptionReference
1HTML+CSSDefault language for static web pagesHTML & CSS
2JavaScript★★Default language for dynamic web appsMozilla JS
3Python★★Popular dynamic scripting language.Python home

Senior Classes

Next classes are recommended for senior freelancers and data scientists who wish to create disruptive applications. For these languages we provide code snippets, templates and enhanced tutorials with examples and color syntax. Exams for these classes are more difficult and require serious study.
#Class PageDifficultyLanguage DescriptionReference
1Java★★★★Android APP default languageJava home
2Ruby★★★Most productive language for back-endRuby & RoR
3PHP★★★★Most popular language for dynamic manual
4PL/SQL★★★★★Oracle database programming languageoracle docs

Expert Classes

Next classes are for professional developers. You can learn one or more of these languages to bust your career. We do not have yet tutorials for all these classes. If you wish to contribute please contact us directly using a support ticket.
#Class PageDifficultyLanguage DescriptionReference
00C-lang★★★★★Multi-paradigm system languageISO CPP
01D-lang★★★High performance system
02C#★★★★Default language for Windows APPs


03Go★★★Concurrent language for Google
04Rust★★★Safe system programming
05Swift★★★★Apple’s mobile devices default languageSwift home
06Julia★★★Academic dynamic language by MITJulia-Lang
07Scala★★★★Functional language for businessScala home
08Kotlin★★★★Virtual language for JVM by JetBrainsKotlin home
09Fortran★★★★Reference computer language from IBMOxford doc
10Ada★★★★Legendary safe computer languageAda core
11Pascal★★★Powerful language designed for learningFree pascal
12Elixir★★★Dynamic and functional languageElixir home
13Assembly★★★★★Symbolic machine code languageWikipedia