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CSP: Programming

A professional software developer should master at least two programming languages. In this class you can learn most popular programming languages. Normally you can learn a computer language in two up to seven days depending on difficulty level.


Before taking this class, You need basic understanding of programming methodology, propositional logic, algebra and mathematics. Usually these things are teach in school between age of (10..18). 

  • If you are a beginner we recommend: CSE: Engineering class, to learn basics of software development. Engineering class is required for all Sage Code testimonials.
  • From time to time we organize a live class where you can talk with other students and ask questions. For live class you must be a premium subscriber and use discord. 

Select the language

Next I briefly describe top 10 most popular programming languages. For each language I spend about 12 minutes. There are no advertisements and no interruptions. If you have already decided what language to learn you can skip this presentation.

Freelance Languages

These languages are for web and script applications, usually preferred by freelancers. If you pass at least one exam in this category with more than 80% you will be promoted to researcher role.
#?Class DifficultyLanguage DescriptionReference
1HTML+CSS★★Default languages for static web pageshtml & css
2JavaScript★★★★Default language for dynamic web
3Ruby★★★★Productive scripting languageruby & rails
4Python★★★Popular scripting
5PHP★★★★★Popular language for dynamic

Research Languages

These languages are for server-side programming, preferred by professional developers. If you pass at least two exams in this category with more than 90% you will be promoted to instructor role.
#?Class DifficultyLanguage DescriptionReference
1C    ★★★Low level system
2Go ★★★★Concurrent language for Google
3Rust★★★★★Safe system programming
4Julia★★★★★Academic dynamic language by
5PL/SQL★★★★★★★Oracle database programming
? = Tutorial coverage:
◔ basic tutorial
◑ intermediate tutorial
◕ advanced tutorial