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CSH: Hardware

In this class you learn how to repair, upgrade and build a PC for your personal use or home office. This course is for handy persons having basic electricity knowledge and some experience with tools.

Video Lectures

I have posted on YouTube a series of videos very detailed about PC components and tools. If you watch all these videos you will learn a great deal. I will explain how to build a PC step by step and I describe several generations of computer components. 

Retro PC build

In this series I will explain in details all the steps required to create a computer from A to Z. The first video demonstrate how to put all parts together. Second video show about cable routing and the smoke test. After this course you will be able to appreciate how difficult is to create a computer from parts.

Total watch time ~ 2h

Skill Consolidation 

Rating Exam

I hope you will enjoy this exam. It has pictures and is fun to take. It is designed for learning. This exam has general IT questions and is for beginners. After you finish you can register into our leader-board at the end of the exam. 

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Note:  There is no point to create a computer if you do not know how to use your creation. To learn about operating systems and system programming you can follow CST: Technology class.