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CSD: Databases

In this research class you will learn how to organize large amount of data using databases. We will compare features and capabilities of several database engines so you can select one that you need for your application. Also we will introduce you the SQL language.


Before this class you should follow CSE: Engineering to learn the basics about computer programming and application design. Also you should get familiar with PL/SQL language in CSP: Porgramming class.

Professional database designers are using expensive database modeling tools. It is not required to have any software license for this class. Believe or not our diagrams are created using Windows Paint.


This class is for developers who wish to create back-end layers for larger applications. A database is the key ingredient to create: dynamic websites, single page APPs, digital maps or distributed APPs. Database developers are highly appreciated in any software team.

To get familiar with databases you can watch next video lectures. Most content of my lectures is available in text articles. Please review all these articles before you try the rating exam.

Rating Exam

This is exam is for beginners in database design. If you follow the videos and the articles in this class you should pass. If you fail you can study some more and try again after 24 hours. Good luck!

Design Quiz

Leaderboard: Database Design

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