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We host a series of training classes for Computer Science. You can join, pause and continue any time. We do not have homework and you can study in your own pace.  This gives you freedom but require self motivation.  


We provide free and premium classes. Each class has one main page with references to video lectures, text articles and code examples. Our classes are short and easy to follow. After you finish the class you can continue your study by working on open source projects. 

Free Classes

These classes are lightweight and fast paced. We advice you to follow all of them.

CodeClass NameDescription
CSEEngineeringIntroductory class into computer science, programming methodology and software design.
CSPProgrammingIntermediate class for computer programming. Learn syntax from tutorials and examples.
CSDDatabasesLearn to design data-centric applications using relational and non relational databases.
CSHHardwareLearn how to repair, upgrade and assemble a new personal computer system or home server.

Premium Classes

These are high quality and more difficult classes, available only for subscribers.

CodeClass NameDescription
CSAAlgorithmsLearn how to resolve problems and organize your data in memory to improve program efficiency. 
CSTTechnologyLearn information technology: operating systems, application servers, frameworks, components and internet services. 

Rating Exam

To complete each class you must pass the rating exam. This is a quiz with 30 questions. There is a time limit of 1 or 2 minute for each each question. The time spent is display into a blue progress bar counting down to zero. When the time expire the exam is terminated automatically.
Note: Not all exams are ready. If one exam has less then 30 total questions you can try the exam now but we advice you to take the exam again after it has all the questions ready. The number of available points is display on top left side of the leader-board. We grant one point for one question.

Honor code

Members are expected to have good faith and take the exams alone with no aid and no google search. Our exams are preparatory and can be repeated so there is no reason for cheating. If you start exam and have the urge to search the interned for answers we can’t stop you but we advice against it. 

Rating Levels

We estimate 5 rating levels depending on your score. If you have a score lower then 50% you are considered novice. The ratting level is included in your profile page and testimonial document. 

<50% NoviceYou do not have a common knowledge or an understanding of basic techniques and concepts.You are expected to focus on learning before performing this skill.
<70% IntermediateYou have the level of experience gained in a classroom and/or experimental scenarios or as a trainee on-the-job. You are expected to need help when performing this skill.
<80% AdvancedYou are able to complete tasks in this competency as requested. Help from an expert may be required from time to time, but you can usually do the job independently.
<90% ProficientYou can do the actions associated with this skill without help. You are certainly recognized within your immediate organization as “a person to ask” when difficult questions arise about this skill.
>90% ExpertYou are known as an expert in this area. You can give guidance, teaching, tutoring and lead a team that work in this area.


After training for each member we create a profile page and a digital testimonial document that can be printed. This testimonial can be used for a job interview as complement to your college degree. Some engineers appreciate self study and on-line courses you have taken.

Disclaimer: These testimonial do not represent a degree, qualification or diploma. It is merely an open letter of recommendation. You can use it to prove you have completed our training program.  


Before you can order a testimonial document you must follow required classes and pass the ratting exams. Chose your learning path to qualify for a title that will be used on your profile page. 

Testimonial TitleFirst ExamSecond ExamThird Exam
Web DesignerCSE: EngineeringCSP: HTML+CSSCSP: JavaScript
Web DeveloperCSP: HTML+CSSCSP: JavaScriptCSP: Ruby or Python
Software DeveloperCSE: EngineeringCSP: Programming (*)CSA: Algorithms
Software ArchitectCSE: EngineeringCST: TechnologyCSA: Algorithms
Database DeveloperCSE: EngineeringCSD: DatabasesCSA: Algorithms
Database ScientistCSE: EngineeringCSD: DatabasesCSP: Python or Julia
System DeveloperCSE: EngineeringCST: TechnologyCSP: Ruby or Python
System ArchitectCSE: EngineeringCST: TechnologyITH: Hardware 
(*) Title can be customized for your particular skills on your request form. For example you can use Java Developer, Python Developer, C++ Developer, depending on your exams.

Testimonial document include your name, title and exam ratings. At the bottom we include the release date and digital signature of your instructor. Testimonial request also trigger profile page creation.


Note: Testimonial document and profile page is hosted on our website for duration of your subscription. We remove your profile page if you become inactive after a duration of 1 year.