We provide and manage basic services for communication and support. Some services may require a different user account. Premium services are available only for subscribers and instructors. We will increase the number of services in time as we go to create the best workshop ever existing on internet. Make a service suggestion using a support ticket.

Basic Services

These services are provided for registered users for free. Some of these services have a better premium alternative. You can submit a ticket to request access to a service if you have the role for it.

Service NameDescriptionDetails
TutorialsTraining articlesMost articles are organized in courses but not all. You can browse articles by category and search articles using the search box.
TrackerProject managementThis is full project management system. Support teams, tasks, and reports. Great tool to organize your project.
InboxWeb e-mail clientThis is a small e-mail box @sagecode.net domain. It has 250 MB with extra-space for subscribers.
SupportContact & support ticketsThis is a simple contact form used to send messages to website administrator. We have priority support for subscribers.
DiscordVideo conference and chatThis is a versatile chat app. You can use this app on web, desktop or mobile app to connect with your friends. 

Premium services

Services enumerated next are available only for subscribers. Most of these services are included in subscription plan. Some extra services may have additional costs. For these services we will send you a small periodic bill. You can activate or deactivate any  of these services using a support ticket.

1. Freelancer Profile

After you pass at least one exam you are one of us. We put together a team page. For this we need your real photo and name. We can also use your social links. Once your profile is complete, please submit a ticket and we create this page for you. You can refer to it using a link to apply for jobs. We host only verified profiles. Having a profile give you an extra chance to get project invitations.

2. E-mail inbox

All registered members who pass the ratting exam can have a small inbox (e-mail). Use this service with love and care. Do not spam anyone and do not subscribe to shady websites. You can use it to replace your profile e-mail. Detail for inbox connection are here: mail-box page. Subscribers have extra space for this service.

3. Private Repository

For subscribers we host one single project. Instructors can register several projects as a reward for valuable contribution. We can install a limited number of Git repositories on the cloud. If the source code is growing in size we will move your repository on our Intranet where we can provide larger disk space.

4. Build & backup

This website is hosted Los Angeles. However we run several services in our Chicago office.  On these servers we do automatic backup, compilation and test automation. If you are a subscriber, you can order automation services to run every day at specific hours to backup, build and deploy your project. This service is included within your regular subscription.

5. Test automation

For data centric applications we offer professional test automation. This is an extra service you can order. It include: smoke test, stress test and regression test. We have a special design scripting language to perform these tests automatically. We will bill you for this service every month but we have very affordable rates.

6. Archive & storage

We can save your project source code and private data on external dedicated optical disk:: CD-R, DVD-R, BD-R. We do this on regular intervals: Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly depending on the value of your project. This service is extra and not included in your regular subscription. If you order this service we will send you a small bill to pay every year. 

Sounds too good to be true?

On GitHub you can host your project for free but only if is open source. The prices for private projects are ridiculous high and limited to several developers. We assume most projects are slow burners that require small disk space and minimum bandwidth. Therefore we can host at least 200 projects.  That is one project for every member.
I hope you will find our offer honorable and register your project with confidence. If you change your mind, later you can submit a support ticket to remove your project. Backups are automatically erased after 30 days. We keep your archives for one more year just in case you wish to restore your work. Of course we will contact you for confirmation before we proceed.