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We provide and manage basic services for communication and support. Premium services are available only for subscribers and instructors. We will increase the quality of services in time to create the best workshop ever existing on internet. Make suggestions using support tickets.

Basic Services

These services are provided for free. You can activate these services using a support ticket.  Some services require a secondary login. For learning these services are good enough. If you need more you can subscribe for premium.

Service NameDescriptionDetails
TutorialsTraining articlesMost articles are organized in courses but not all. You can browse articles by category and search articles using the search box.
RatingTop member ratingsA list of top rated members. This list can be used by project owners and instructors to find most qualified members and invite them to join projects.
TrackerProject managementThis is full project management system. Support teams, tasks, and reports. Great tool to organize your project.
InboxWeb e-mail clientThis is a small e-mail box domain. It has 100 MB. We offer extra space for subscribers.
SupportContact & support ticketsThis is a simple contact form used to send messages to website administrator. We have priority support for subscribers.

Go Premium

You can subscribe to premium services for 10$/year. Subscription is for five years and is paid using PayPal. Premium subscription unlock access to all research classes and include following features: ….

Services enumerated below are available only for subscribers. You can activate or deactivate any of these services using a support ticket. We operate at cost. That means you pay for electricity, bandwidth and media storage. 
1. Profile Page
We put together a team where we list our top rated members. To be listed we need your photo, name and social links. Having a profile page give you an advantage to be found by project owners and recruiters. You can use this page as your on-line CV.
2. E-mail inbox
For subscribers we provide 1000 MB e-mail inbox. Use this service with care. Do not spam anyone and do not subscribe to shady websites. You can use it to replace your profile e-mail. Detail for inbox connection are here: mail-box.
3. Private Repository
For private projects we create a project repository on our intranet servers. For subscribers this repository has 1GB. This is huge for any source code. If your project contains large test-data, images or videos we will provide additional storage for a small fee.
4. Build & backup
This website is hosted in Los Angeles. However we run two backup servers in our Chicago office.  On these servers we do automatic backup, compilation and test automation. You can order automation services to run every day at specific hours or every week. 
5. Test automation
For data centric applications we offer data-driven test automation. This is an extra service you can order. It include: smoke test, stress test and regression test. We have a special scripting language to perform test automation.
6. Archive & storage
We can save your code and data on optical disks: CD-R, DVD-R, BD-R or DLT Magnetic Tape depending on archive size. We do this on regular intervals: Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly. We guarantee safety for 5 years as long as you pay your regular subscription.
I hope you will find our offer solid and subscribe with confidence. If you change your mind later you can submit a support ticket to cancel. Backups are erased after 30 days. We keep your archives for one year just in case you wish to restore your work.