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We offer SaaS, machine learning and project hosting. As a freelancer or developer you can use our back-end resources to create a portfolio project and demonstrate you abilities to develop higher quality software for your future customers. Our services are affordable but exclusive for Sage-Code VIP members.


We offer shared Windows and Linux micro servers in Florida. Our infrastructure is minimal but has enough power for 1000 developers. You can order access to these resources using our subscription form. If you do not receive a response you can contact us on Discord for support.

Availability: Critical services are on-line all time 24/7. Other services are available during the day. This policy enable us to keep our services running with minimal cost on solar power.
# Details Service Capacity
1 Repository Private Git 2GB 24/7
2 Download File transfer (FTP) 10GB 24/7
3 Database PostgreSQL 10GB 24/7
4 Build Compilation 10GB 12/7
5 Testing Functional/E2E 10GB 12/7
6 Robots 6xAMD GPU Rig 1200W 8/7
7 Backup External HDD 4x500GB 8/7
8 Archive DVD/RW External 4Gb 4/365
9 Subdomain 1Gb 24/7
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  1. We will improve availability over time;
  2. The capacity can be updated if necessary;
  3. Backup/restore is automatic for all projects;

Service Details

Git Repository

We offer private Git repository for version control. This service has a cap limit of 2Gb/project and is available 24/7. This repository will be hosted on our domain server in Los Angeles.

FTP Storage

We offer FTP file transfer storage to upload test data and download project released files or computation results. This service has a cap limit of 10GB and is available 24/7. This service is hosted on our Linux router.


We user account and schema, that you can use to create back-end API and services for your app. We can assist you with creation of custom structure and required data pipeline. At this time, we support PostgreSQL and MariaDB. In the future we will offer other databases.


Your build will be scheduled to run every day. We interlace projects so the build jobs are using full Linux server capacity for each project. After build we run a unit test, and then we archive the results and prepare the release artifacts for download.


We enable creation of functional end2end test. This is done using Jenkins test automation platform. We set-up several testing jobs customized for the specifics of your project: dry-run, smoke-test, nightly-test and weekly-test can be scheduled. We publish test logs for you to download and investigate. Not all projects require test automation.


We enable creation of fast computation agents that can run on schedule. A robot is a script that can be executed on 6 core CPU and powerful 6xGPU rigs. We own 2 rigs. We schedule the robots to run for 8h every day. We can serve 2 users concurrently on different rigs. When the ime is up, the job is interrupted and will continue next day if is resumable.

Note: We reserve service time exclusive for 1 job at a time so it will not run in parallel with any other jobs. This way you can verify the time spent for your job to find performance bottlenecks and improve your algorithm.


We perform a periodic backup on internal HDD automatically every day. We backup test data and source code. This is a convenient way to protect your projects or data from hacker attacks. Our backup can be used to download data from the cloud.

We use a dedicated backup machine. This is a workstation with blue-ray, DVD writer, USB3 and SD memory card slots. It has large capacity internal RAID, WD Raptor OS disk (no SSD), redundant high capacity storage and external HDD slots. We backup your data on external HDD once/week.


We offer a long term archive for your project on DVD/R or BD/R (blue-ray). We create this archive on demand one single time. We store the archives safely in a vault, protected against sun-light, dust, heat and humidity. If you have an archive we can restore from it and provide a link for download.


We offer a subdomain for your hosted app. This can be a dynamic website or back-end app. We will help you to setup a pipeline to maintain and publish your project. We setup the environment manually, so it may take some time. We offer SSH connection to our bare-bone machine.


To become a Sage-Code VIP member, follow 3 steps. First you need a Discord account. Second follow us on Twitch. Third, sponsor one of our projects on GitHub or make a donation of 10$ to Sage-Code, using PayPall.

  1. Discord invite
  2. Twitch follow
  3. GitHub sponsor
Subscription: After you join Discord, make a single donation of 10$ or 10$/year. This is 0.85¢/month. Scan the QR code or click PayPall image and make a payment, then you should claim your @sponsor role on Discord. If you don't like what you receive we send you money back.

Note: After you subscribe we set-up your VIP server account. This account give you private e-mail address, profile page and the right to ask for priority support on Discord. We include 101 mentoring sessions & on-boarding training to help you bootstrap your career in IT.


For receiving Linux credential, you need a secondary account on our own server. After you register we will create this account on our system. That will give you FTP access to upload and download files. We will communicate user & password over DM on Discord.

Having a server account enables you to do remote software development on Linux, using command line and web interface. This is a great way to get benefits of remote hosting resources. This kind of services are specific to cloud, and are usually very expensive and limited.


We offer 60 days money back warranty. Before ordering anything, you should join on Discord and use our services 60 days before you become a subscriber. Claim a role and chat in our channels. On Sage-Code Discord, self promotion is mandatory.


Discord Invitation


Access to your code-base is secure. Your activity in our organization and your projects are secret until you decide to make them public. You can remove your data or change password using Discord #help request any time. You have the right to be forgotten.

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