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For improved productivity, a developer need many IDE tools, text editors and on-line websites that can provide aid with diverse resources. Some of these resources are difficult to find and identify, so we have collected the most significant free resources here in this page. Enjoy!

Version Control

By far the most essential tool you must learn to use is a version control system (VCS). This is also known as "repository". The most popular VCS is called "Git" and is made by Linux Torvalds. Is difficult to learn Git commands. Therefore we suggest you use a Git tool that can improve your productivity.

Git client GUI

To save your code you can use Git application. Professional developers use command line interface (CLI), but some use graphical user interface (GUI) applications. We have found these two for Windows and Mac but there are other.

Project hosting

These days you can store your project on-line without any cost, except if you host a private project. Then you may have some limitations. Following services offer free hosting and affordable commercial plans. We are not affiliated to any of them.

You can protect your source code with an open source license, but don't be a fool. If your code is public, someone will take your idea, make a commercial product and sell it without you even knowing about it. So don't trow away your ideas into open source projects is you want to make a business. Work on private projects for this purpose.

Text Editors

To edit scripts and data files you can use a text editor. Professional developers use plain text editor for extra large projects where the code base is created with multiple programming languages. Also text editors are better for doing code reviews and quick fixes. My favorite text editor is Notepad++. I like how you can create syntax highlighters for new languages.

On-line IDE

You can edit software on-line on specific websites. This method enable you to create demo projects or inspect code snippets and projects created by other developers.

Programming IDE

IDE = Integrated Development Environment.

To edit & debug source code for complex projects you can use an IDE. There are specific IDE for individual languages. For example PyCharm, Webstorm, Eclipse are specific, however modern IDE editors can support multiple languages. These editors have a longer time until they open so you use them for heavy development and not for quick fixes.

IDE features

An IDE has features that are helping you to be more productive if you work on large projects. The simple text editor do not provide these features and therefore beginners are more happy using IDE while advanced developers are more happy using a simple text editor.

Some of the IDE features are:

Community IDE

Design Tools

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