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Screws and nuts

In this article I’m going to present several screws and¬†standoffs for a personal computer PC. First secret I wish to share: There are 2 standards for PC screws. One is metric M3 the other one is 6-32. The thread angle is different and you can’t use a 6-32 bolt for an M3 screw or the other way. If you do you will distroy the thread and this is very bad.

Motherboard Standoffs

This screw is very specific to computers and very important. Have the role to keep the motherboard in place. Some motherboards need 9 of these and some need only 6. The important thing is the height and the thread type. It can be M3 or 6-32 outside and M3 or  6-32 inside.

Next you can see a set of copper standoffs and screws. To protect the motherboard you use several washers (red rings below). Usually a new computer case has all the standoffs mounted.

Thumb Screws

These screws are usually 6×32 and can be also used for top cover, left and right side panels of the computer. Some computers use normal Philips head screws. However having thumb screws has advantage that you can use your head to mount the extension cards.

Computer Fan

In next picture you can see PC screws for computer fan. Sometimes computer professional will replace these kind of screws with non PC screws to be able to uninstall the fans more easy. I prefer to use longer screws with butterfly nuts as shown in the video.


Mechanical HDD

In the next pictures you can see special screws for mechanical HDD. These are not for SSD. The rubber washer can be of various sizes and this kind of screw can be included with the computer case box as accessories.

Using 8-32 screws for fans

Next you can see some non PC screws that you can use to install the case fan and the intake fans into a PC. This is nice for having fast install/remove of all 4 screws required for case fans. If you do not know this special nut is called a butterfly nuts. This kind of screws you can find in US at Menards or other hardware store.