For members who subscribe for a role we create an e-mail address using domain. This e-mail can be used with web-client or POP3 or IMAP protocol. Having an e-mail address on SageCode is optional. If you are a student, freelancer or instructor you can submit a support ticket to ask for e-mail address. After we create an e-mail address for you we send you an e-mail for confirmation. Then you can connect.
To set-up your e-mail connection you can use IMAP or POP3 client. I use Thunderbird. This is a free e-mail client desktop app for Windows and Linux.  The advantage of a client mail is that you can have a small inbox and get many e-mails. This is due to the possibility to download your messages on local HDD and remove them from the server.

Web connection: This is the main information you need to use your e-mail:

Username: <user-name> (you replace <user-name> with your Sage-Code user name)
Password: email account’s password (the initial password you will receive in e-mail, you can change this later)

Incoming Server:
Connection Security: SSL/TLS
IMAP Port: 993; POP3 Port: 995
Outgoing Server:
Connection Security: SSL/TLS
SMTP Port: 465
Alert: Please use this e-mail with responsibility. Do not subscribe to shady websites and do not use this e-mail to transfer large files. It is totally forbidden to use this address to spam other people. If you do we will ban your account forever.