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Quiet home server

In this article you will learn how to make a server quiet. I have upgrade some time ago a quiet home server. The computer case is Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 Full Tower. This computer case is design to create a quiet computer. If you do not have a special computer case you mai fail to create a quiet computer.

Choosing the computer case

The computer case is Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 Full Tower. This is not a new build so it is not a new computer case and does not has support for USB 3.0.


In the next video I have run a smoke-test to check if all the fans are working. TThis time all work fine no smoke and the sound level is very low.To hear the sound you have to turn you headset louder. This is very quiet computer and you can hear the near-by mechanical keyboard or the floor squeaks when I move around with my tablet to make the video.

What I like about this computer case:

  1. The aluminum sides are easy to install;
  2. The handlers are helpful to move the computer;
  3. The front panel is actually on top;
  4. Buttons are good and not broke yet;
  5. There is plenty of room inside for HDD and other devices;
  6. The HDD is installed with special screws and silicon washers;
  7. It has 4 fans of 120 or 140 mm;
  8. It has air filters on the bottom and in the back;

Hidden defects:

When you build a computer sometimes your computer case is not perfect and can have hidden defects. In my case I have discovered this computer case is not so perfect after all.

  • The door is very close to the front panels;
  • The door hinges are from plastic and very fragile;
  • There is no intake filter and fans behind the door;
  • There is no 3.5″ slot to install a removable disk;
  • You can’t install the motherboard cable on the other side;
  • There is too much plastic for an aluminum computer case;
  • Do not use screws for installing 5″ devices;

The silence secret is the quiet fan:

Whatever the computer case you have it will be quiet only if you use quiet fans. That means you use large fans of low < 1200 RPM. If you have high RPM fan like 2000 RPM or 4000 RPM then you have several options to reduce the RPM.

  1. Use the motherboard to control the RPM from bios;
  2. Use a silencer adapter (resistor) for each fan;
  3. Use a special cable to connect 4 fans with PWM;
  4. Use a front panel manual fan control device;

Using a silencer cable:

In the picture below you can see a very ingenious solution. A special cable is used to connect 3 fans to the CPU or PWN fan controller on the motherboard. This require also to connect to a Molex connector for additional power. This cable was modified by me to allow Molex cable to pass through and be able to connect another device.


This cable is only 7$ and is easy to modify if you need to. I have try to use this cable but for some reason the main fan is not moving so I have try something else instead. A similar cable I have used for two other PC for games and worked nicely.

Using a silencer for a single fan:

In the picture below you can see a small adapter that has a resistor inside. This may reduce a little bit the noise by lowering down the RPM from 1200 to 1000 RPM for example. This adapter is harder to find I do not remember how much it was but does a good job for my fans. So I have used two of these for the top fans.


Manual fan controller

You can purchase a device with 4 buttons to control the fan RPM. However the buttons are a little bit too tall and there is not enough space behind the door on Cosmos computer case. So I had to give up and use the device for some other PC. Here is the device I wanted to use and have not worked for me.


Second computer case

This computer case is less expensive but has much better design. It is an Antech computer case. In the picture below you can see this computer is using 4 manual controls for fans. This computer also has a front door. This door is far enough from the front panel. There is a distance of about 1.2″ behind the door. So I was able to install this controller instead of floppy disk device.

I hope you have learn some tricks from my article to make your future PC quiet or to upgrade your current PC. Pay attention to hidden design defects. Watch one or more reviews before you chose your computer case. Hidden defects are difficult to spot.

Server Purpose

These two servers are used for test automation. I will install Linux on both servers. One will be Cantos and the other one will be Open SUSE. SageCode will offer premium services for subscribers. This is how we can afford to provide low cost services. We build our own servers.