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Research Projects:

Next projects are registered on Sage-Code laboratory. We discuss these projects on Discord and Forum. You must be a researcher or instructor with GitHub account to register a project. Some of these projects are active and some are archived or inactive.

EveDeclarative computer languagenotepad++Apache 2.0Inactive
BeeImperative computer languagenotepad++Apache 2.0Inactive
MajConstructed language for AIopen officeMIT LicenseActive
AxiaProject management Web APPJavaScriptSageCodeInactive
WeeMinimalist system programming languageCSageCodeInactive
uniPiLearning Golang (in Romanian)GoCipyUnknown
TabsMulti-language code editorRustLazUnknown
LarvaBee language primary interpreterPythonElucianInactive

New Project

Note: If you are a subscriber or instructor you can register your own project using “new project” button.  We will contact you shortly if your project is eligible for hosting and will start providing services immediately.