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Research Projects:

Next projects are registered on Sage-Code laboratory. We discuss these projects on Discord and Forum. You must be a researcher or instructor with GitHub account to register a project. Some of these projects are active and some are archived or inactive.

AxiaProject management Web APPweb designBSD 3.0Active
BeeImperative computer languagenotepad++Apache 2.0Inactive
EveDeclarative computer languagenotepad++Apache 2.0Inactive
MajConstructed language for ARspreadsheetMIT 2.0Active
WeeMinimalist programming languageC, LLVMMIT 2.0Inactive

New Project

Note: If you are a subscriber you can register your own research project using new project button above.  We will contact you shortly if your project is accepted for hosting. After this you can submit a support tickets to activate project tracking services.