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Research Projects

These projects are owned by Sage Code and managed by one of our instructors. Any member can contribute to these projects, no invitation is required. We discuss these projects public on Discord and on Forum.

Eve Declarative computer languageGo Apache 2.0
BeeImperative computer language Bee Apache 2.0
Wee Minimalist computer languagePython MIT
SnippetsCode examples in diverse languagesMultipleMIT

Private Projects

You can register your own project then you can talk about it on our Forum. These projects can be proprietary or open source. If you are a subscriber you can invite other members to join your team and contribute.

AxiaProject management Web APPJavaScriptSageCode
uniPiLearning Golang (in Romanian)GoCipy
ScriptScripting language for test automationPython, PL/SQLElucian
Larva Interpreter for Wee language PythonElucian