Sage-Code Laboratory

Sage-Code Projects

We have set-up several research projects for innovation and practice. You can fork/clone any repository, download the code and investigate. If you like a project, you are invited to contribute for improvements as a volunteer.


Disclaim: Our code is designed for learning. It comes with no guaranty of quality and it can not be used for real world application. Our intentions are honest but just in case of missuse we can not be hold responsable for causing any business losses, incident, brain damage or other injuries.
# ? Project Description Language Status
10 maj Constructed language VBA, Python Active


"#" = usability value
"?" = current phase
◷ = inception
◔ = design
◑ = implementation
◕ = mainenance

GitHub Organization

We have registered our organization on GitHub. To be member in this organization all you need is an invitation. Contact us on Discord or Twitter using a direct message. After we chat about your skills we will assign you a role. With this role you can download our code, make changes and push.

Sage-Code Reputation

We can help you to grow your reputation on GitHub and Linkedin. If you contribute on GitHub your reptation will grow automatically. If you are active member, we will endorse your activity on Linkedin. This is very important for companies who are looking to hire talents. We hope you will gain here the experience you need to get a job or boost your career.