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Using next tutorials you can learn one or more programming languages. We cover only the basic syntax and semantics. For deep learning we provide references to external resources. Many programming languages are very similar. Once you understend one language the second will be more easy to learn.


Before starting any of these tutorials you should already know the fundamental concepts of programming. You can follow the Software Engineering tutorials to learn the theory of programming. It will help a lot to understand better a new language.


We have listed below by practical value 14 languages. Notice for each language we have given more stars if learning difficulty is higher. Column "?" show current status of each tutorial. In the future we will add new articles to improve this status. If you don't know what language to chose, contact us on-line for advice.

# ? Language Difficulty Language Description
01 HTML+CSS Front-end, document oriented languages for web pages
02 JavaScript ★★ Light-weight, bivalent language for dynamic web apps
03 SQL ★★ Back-end declarative language for relational databases
04 Dart ★★★ Front-end, multiplatform, productive developement language
05 Python ★★★ Back-end most popular, dynamic scripting language
06 Ruby ★★★ Back-end most productive dynamic script language
07 Julia ★★★★ Back-end, high performance, dynamic scripting language
08 Go ★★★★ Back-end high performance language for Google cloud
09 PHP ★★★★ Back-end, popular web developement language
10 Rust ★★★★ Compiled high performance and safe system language
11 C ★★★★ Low-level, high performance but unsafe system language
12 C++ ★★★★★ High-level, object oriented programming language
13 Java ★★★★★ Back-end very popular object oriented language for JVM
14 Scala ★★★★★ Back-end functional programming language for JVM


? coverage complexity level
#= value ★★★ = orange belt
= started ★★★ = red belt
= basic ★★★ = green belt
= intermediate ★★★ = blue belt
= advanced ★★★ = brown belt
= extensive ★★★ = black belt


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