Swift is default computer language for IOS. The Swift language is designed to improve productivity over objective C for creation of native APPs for Apple devices: desktop, laptop, tablet, iPhone and iPad. This is a curly braced language similar to C++ but much more comprehensive.

Introduction to Swift Language

Learning Swift

Learning swift require an Apple computer or laptop. If you do not have one you can learn Swift on iPad. Well if you do not have any Apple device there is no point to learn this language. I think Swift do not have a future as Open Source language on Linux or any other platform but Apple devices.

For Apple lovers this is the language you need to learn to create native applications. It is not difficult to learn and has great support. Swift developers are greatly valued for creation of native APPs. However Swift is not yet a main stream language.

If you pass this exam then you can start contributing on our project: swift-snippets. Once the required examples are presented and explained on wiki pages we will create a swift tutorial. We are looking for a swift instructor to make a video tutorial for SageCode.

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Certification Exam

This is accepted for Software Developer certificate as secondary language.

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