Rust is a programming language that’s focused on safety, speed, and concurrency.  It’s a low-level language with features inspired from a high-level languages. There is one operating system written in Rust called Redox-OS. This language was created and is maintained by Mozilla organization.

Introduction to Rust Language

Learning Rust

Rust is a difficult language to learn. It is a curly brace language similar to C++ and Java. Due to its high performance it is used by companies to create disruptive system applications. It is not recommended as your first computer language. This is a second or third computer language you can learn.

As I have presented in the video Rust language is trade-safe system language. Unfortunate there are not yet enough native libraries written in Rust, so you may need to interact with C.  Maybe you should learn C first. Rust language has a bright future ahead but is yet in it’s early stage.

SageCode Tutorial:

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Training project:

We have started a training project for Rust. This is a compiler for Level-1 available on github repository: level-rc. We will modify the Level 1 syntax to make this compiler very fast and usable. Any suggestion what to include in Level-1 language are welcome. If you wish to learn Rust you may join this project and contribute.

Certificate Exam

This language is accepted for Software Developer certificate as your second computer language. This exam is designed for beginners to learn the language. If you pass this test with more then 90% you can start your own project in Rust. If you fail do not even mention you know Rust. Exam is ready to try and if you pass register into our top list.

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