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Programming: Rust

Rust is a statically typed programming language that is focusing on safety and performance.  It’s a third generation language with features inspired from a high-level languages. It was created by Graydon Hoare who is working for Mozilla organization.

Learning Rust

Rust is difficult to learn. It is a curly braced language similar to C++ and Java, but this is not the problem. It is an explicit and verbose language with many symbols and special conventions not common in computer science. 

It is not recommended as your first computer language nor second. Maybe you should learn it as your third computer language just in case you want to be disruptive, or if you are a job hunter and your target job require Rust.

As I have presented in the video Rust language is trade-safe system language. There are companies who are switching to Rust to replace parts of operating systems and drivers.  Therefore Rust language can no longer be ignored by system developers. In the future more and more companies will chose Rust over C or C++.

Tutorial Articles:

This tutorial is introductory, short and concise as you should expect from Sage Code. You will learn basic syntax concepts. After finishing this class you can investigate our extra examples that will be available in CSA: Algorithms.

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This exam is ready to try but we have only 32 questions. It is designed for learning, so in the future you should try this exam several times to get a perfect score. If you pass it with more then 90% you can start your own Rust project.

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