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Programming: Python

Python is a high-level dynamic computer language. At this time it is the second most popular computer language after C++. It is a scripting language very useful for small applications that interact with operating system and with the console.


There are no special requirements to start learning Python. This language is recommended as your first computer language. We hope you know some basic arithmetic and Boolean algebra. This will help to solve problems but is not required to grok the language itself.

You can install Python on any platform: Windows, Linux or Mac OS. This include an IDE called IDLE. Optional you can install PyCharm that is more advanced IDE.  Optional you can download Python and install it on your computer, but this is not mandatory for this class.


Language Review

Python was written by Guido van Rossum as a replacement for sh scripts. It is a “glue” language. Though in time its initial purpose was system scripting today Python is used in many domains and is considered a general purpose language. In next video I briefly present Python features:

Python Tutorial

This tutorial is for very beginners. It is a fast pace essential tutorial based on simplified English. I have presented the language features in logical order with short examples and notes. If you do not know any programming language you can follow this tutorial and grasp the idea of using Python.

At the bottom of each page there is a link to next page so you can read the whole tutorial like a book. Since this is not a book though, it will be updated periodical with new topics. Also you can search. There is a search box on navigation bar if you go back one level using breadcrumbs.

Note: After this tutorial you know just enough to pass the rating exam. If you have desire to learn more and become a professional developer, you can use the reference manual, that is free and very detailed:


Rating Exam

This exam has questions about: basic syntax, functional and object oriented programming. If you pass this exam with more than 90% you should contact us on discord and talk about your future study. We will invite you to research projects to practice real life programming.

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