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Programming: Python

Python is a high-level dynamic computer language. At this time it is the most popular computer language. It is a scripting language very useful for small applications that interact with operating system and with the console.

Language Review

Python is easy to learn compared with other computer languages. You can install Python on any platform: Windows, Linux or Mac OS. This include an IDE called IDLE. Optional you can install PyCharm that is mote advanced IDE. We recommend to download Python and install it on your computer:

Python Tutorial

In the next tutorial we present the language syntax. At the bottom of each page there is a link to next page so you can read it like a book. After you finish you should know Python. If you have desire to learn more you can use the external references.

External Reference

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This exam has questions about: Language syntax, Functional and Object Oriented programming paradigms. If you have suggestions for improvements please post on forum. Good Lack !

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