Python is a high-level dynamic computer language easy to learn and popular. Once you have learned Python you can create console applications, back-end web services, and automation scripts.

Python Introductory Video

Learning Python:

Python is easy to learn compared with other computer languages.  Therefore we recommend Python as your first computer language if you are a beginner. Python tutorial will explain basic programming concepts. After Python you can learn Julia, Go or Swift more easy.

Here is a presentation done by Claudiu one of our students: Introduction to python. You can whatch this fun presentation to get aquinted with origins of Python and int’s usability. Presentation time: ~50 min.

You can install Python on Windows, Linux or Mac OS. This include an IDE called IDLE. Optional you can install PyCharm community edition. We recommend to download Python from home page and install on your computer:

SageCode Tutorial:

This tutorial is very fast and focus on esentials. With this tutorial you can learn Python in several hours. It is based on very short articles chained together like a book. At the bottom of each page there is a link: read next to turn page. After you finish you should know basic Python. If you have desire to learn more you can read the external tutorial that is much more extensive.

External Reference:

Python Exam:

This exam is for Software Developer certificate and has questions about: Language syntax, Functional Programming, Object Oriented programming and Server Side programming. If you have suggestions for improvements please post on forum. Good Lack !

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