SQL is Structured Query Language and is the default language for relational databases.  This is very efficient 4th generation language used to interrogate and support data into a database. PL/SQL is the Programming Language for SQL. This course will teach you both SQL and PL/SQL for Oracle.

Introduction to SQL

Learning SQL and PL/SQL

Some critics say that SQL is slow and difficult to optimize. Therefore no-SQL databases took hold is growing in popularity. It is true that SQL can be slow if a database is not optimized. However a relational database can be more secure and reliable if well designed.

Language PL/SQL is specific to Oracle and is similar to PL/pgSQL for PostgreSQL. It is used to create stored procedures, functions and triggers. Once you have learned Level 123, PL/SQL will look very familiar. It is derived from same language family: Algol, ADA and Pascal.

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This exam is required for Database Developer  certificate. (Not ready yet). You can take the exam frequently if you are a student. I will update this exam with new questions over time. So you can learn from tutorial article and check the exam until the course is done and you have the perfect score.

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