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Programming: PHP

Initially PHP was designed as: Personal Home Page scripting language. Now PHP is called: Hypertext Processor. It is preferred by small companies, webmasters and entrepreneurs to create dynamic web-pages. It is very popular, and it covers about 82% of today internet websites. 


Before learning PHP you should study HTML+CSS. There is no point to learn PHP otherwise if you do not understand basic HTML syntax. PHP is not a regular scripting language and is not good for anything else except for back-end dynamic website programming.

Language Review

PHP is a scripting language interpreted by the web server. It is inspired from C. It is a curly bracket scripting language, dynamically typed. You can use this language for making functional websites easy to host on a public web-server.
Similar languages to PHP are: ASP and JSP. These languages are more secure but slower. Also ASP can only run on Windows IIS. JSP require a special web server that can run Java and JSP websites like: Tomcat or similar. Both ASP and JSP are slower than PHP.

Sage Code Tutorial

This tutorial is for PHP (Version 7.x). It is inspired from reference manual.  I have ordered the concepts in a logical sequence so you can grasp PHP syntax and programming even if this is your first computer language. Each article has a bottom link for the next article, so you can read the tutorial like a book. 

Examples: in this tutorial examples are simplified and verified to be executable. If you are a researcher or instructor you can create new examples and commit directly in the repository, otherwise you must create a fork and make pull requests.

Open project: snippets

External References

For further study and updates you can visit the original documentation, available for free oh php public website. This is what I have used to create our tutorial.

Rating Exam

This exam has 30 random questions from a set of total 50. When a question has two or more valid answers and you do not check all you loose one point. To get help, press the [hint] button when it is available. If you take less than 90% you should learn some more and try again after one day break. 

Leaderboard: Programming PHP

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