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Programming: PHP

PHP stands for Hypertext Programming. It is most popular computer language for creation of dynamic websites. It is preferred by small companies, webmasters and entrepreneurs. It covers about 80% of today internet websites. 

Language Review

This is a scripting language interpreted by the web server. It is inspired from C. It is a curly bracket language. This language is for making money but is not a very good language for large projects. Leads very quickly to spaghetti code difficult to understand. 
PHP Home Page:
Disclaim: Next websites are good tutorials about PHP but contain advertisements and may invite you to pay for additional services. We have no affiliation with these websites. However I have learned some PHP from these resources.

Rating Exam

Until now this exam has only 20 questions. Pay attention to Hint button to check all possible answers. If a question has two or more correct answers and you do not check all of them you loose one point.

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