Level:  Is a multi-paradigm computer language for enterprise applications. It is a comprehensive 4’th generation language designed to be readable, efficient and productive.  This language looks like Ada but feels like Python. It uses gradual typing system and type inference to reduce declaration complexity.

Introduction to Level 123

Learning Level

Level tutorial is our most advanced programming course. This is recommended for intermediate and advanced programmers that wish to learn how to create advanced projects in shorter time.

By learning Level you also learn BNF language notation, regular expressions, ASCII and Unicode. We also explain some of the issues found in other computer languages.

Level language was created for learning many programming paradigms: Imperative, Functional, Object Oriented and Declarative. We create special articles for teaching: compilers and virtual machines.

Important: Level language is work in progress. The syntax will be enhanced with new features and may be modified slightly. However the main structure of the language is set. This course is premium content, you must be apprentice, freelancer or researcher to have access to full content.

Language Tutorials

We have created a tutorial for learning Level syntax. After reading this tutorial students who wish to contribute to compilers must read wiki specification. If you are a developer watch the news on [ discord | google+] for modifications. The language is evolving with community contribution.

External References:

On Google+ and Discord we debate design issues using polls and chat. You can join if you have Google+ profile or Discord app. To contribute each student need to have GitHub account. If you have this please submit a ticket and we will invite you to GitHub team.

Certification Exam

If you have read the tutorial at least once you can take this exam. The only exam available on the internet is here. We give extra credit to contributors who are able to create meaningful examples and contribute to GitHub project.

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