Kotlin is not just another curly braced computer language. This language is what Java wanted to be: A step forward in the computer industry. A versatile, expressive and safe language that can be used in enterprise class applications.


Kotlin 2018 Conference

Learning Kotlin:

Kotlin is a disruptive computer language similar to C# and Swing. It has the same purpose, to help a company get more customers for it’s commercial platform. You can learn this language as your second computer language after Java or C#.

Unlike Java that is a pure Object Oriented language, Kotlin is multi-paradigm so it is more complex. However using procedural and functional paradigm will give more flexibility to the programmer and this can be beneficial for code readability and improve programming productivity.

This language is created and supported by same company who create Intellij Idea the most advanced Java IDE. That means Kotlin has advantage for native tooling implementation from Jet Brains company.

Tutorial Articles

We are looking for Kotlin researchers to help us create this tutorial. It will be available in winter of 2018, spring 2019. Until this tutorial is done you can learn from external references.

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