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Programming: Kotlin

Kotlin is not just another curly bracket computer language. This language is what Java wanted to be: A step forward in the computer industry. It is and expressive and safe language that can be used for high performance enterprise applications.

Language Review

Kotlin is a disruptive computer language similar to C# and Swing. It has the same purpose, to help a company get more customers for it’s commercial platform. However Kotlin is open source. 

This language is created and supported by same company as Intellij Idea the most advanced IDE for Java. That means Kotlin has advantage of native tooling from Jet Brains company.

The most valuable selling point for Kotlin is his capability to run on multiple environments. It is a native language that can also run in java virtual machine (JVM).

Tutorial Articles

We are looking into Kotlin reference manuals to create a shorter tutorial. This will be available in spring of 2019. Until this tutorial is ready you can also learn Kotlin from it’s reference manual on-line. 

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