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Programming: JavaScript

JavaScript is a small computer language embedded in internet browsers. Once you have learned HTML, CSS + JavaScript you can create dynamic websites. JavaScript can be used to create front-end and back-end code.


JavaScript is a domain specific computer language. It is good only for web applications. Before learning it you should be familiar with a main-stream language like: Java, Python, Ruby, Julia, Go, Rust, or at least follow CSE: Engineering class to learn the basic programming concepts.

Language Review

JavaScript was created by Brendan Eich in 1995 during his time at Netscape Communications. It was inspired by Java, Scheme and Self language. It was conceived as a scripting language for both client and server side development. 

At first the language design choices ware poorly understood and seriously criticized. Many companies have try to create a better alternative to JavaScript and failed. Today JavaScript has become the default language for dynamic websites. 

I have posted on YouTube a short review for JavaScript: only 15 minutes long. Enjoy!

Server-side Programming

JavaScript can be used for server-side programming with Node platform. This is a virtual machine that can run JavaScript in “asynchronous mode”. However it is difficult to use due to “callback hell”. Your project can become spaghetti code very quickly. Integration of JavaScript with NoSQL database and React web framework can make your website even more complex.

To reduce complexity of server side programming you can use a different computer languages like: Ruby, Python or PHP. These are the most used languages for dynamic websites with database back-end. Lately Go is an alternative choice recommended only for Google cloud.

Research pending: Server side programming with Node is an advanced topic. If you are JavaScript developer you can contribute to this class. Contact us on discord for chat and this work. Advanced topics will be covered in future CST: Technology class.

Client-side Programming

Next tutorial is for gradual introduction of JavaScript from beginner to intermediate level. Our examples are enhanced with comments and notes that explain the basics, but we skip through details that you may find in the reference manual after you grasp the basics. 


You can clone this GitHub: repository to download all JavaScript examples. Some of the examples are ready to run from your browser using: or   Don’t wary if you do not have an account, the examples are public and accessible for everyone who have the link.

External references

Next references are the original documentation we have used to create our tutorial:

Rating Exam

JavaScript exam is required for Website Developers. This exam contains a wide range of difficulties. For each question you can get one point. Some question may have more then one possible answer. If you see a check-box instead of a radio selector please check at least two possible answers. After the last question you you can record your score in our top 100, displayed below:

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