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Programming: JavaScript

JavaScript is a small computer language embedded in internet browsers. Once you have learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SQL you can create dynamic websites with database back-end.


JavaScript is not a general purpose language. It is good only for web design. Before learning JavaScript you should know already a main-stream general purpose language like Python, Go, Rust, C# or Java.

Language Review

JavaScript is easy to learn and very efficient language for websites. You can start learning with a short video 15 minutes long. After this you can read the tutorial articles and external references. Enjoy!

JavaScript vs Ruby

JavaScript is much faster than Ruby. Linkedin website was created first in Ruby then they changed the entire code base for JavaScript. I have used both versions and I can tell that is now much faster. However JavaScript and NodeJS is difficult to use due to “callback hell”. JavaScript can become spaghetti code very quickly. And we know spaghetti code is difficult to maintain. 

Tutorial Articles

External references:

Rating Exam

JavaScript exam is required for Website Developers. This exam contains basic syntax questions. For each question you get 1 point. After the last question you will get a score. If you’re happy with the score, your can record yourself in top list display below.


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