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Programming: Java

Java is default language for Android APPs. It is an object oriented programming language designed to be a safe language to overcome C++ specific errors. Can run on many operating systems: Android, Windows, Linux and IOS. It is a popular enterprise language.

Language Review

Java is open source and is owned by Oracle company. There are two versions: Jave Standard Edition (JSE) and Java Enterprise Edition (JEE). Initial Java was designed to run in browser. That is not the case today. Java is used for back-end service kind of applications and Android applications.

Java is not preferred language for desktop applications since is a little bit slower then the native applications written in C++, C# or Swift languages. It is possible to create front-end applications using Swing GUI framework. 

Tutorial Articles

We have created several introductory articles for beginners. These articles are linked together so you can read them in order like a text book or in random order. After you finish learning the fundamental concepts you can continue with algorithms to learn problem solving.

External References

The most used Java IDE is called Eclipse and was initially created by IBM. Now this project is Open Source. Another very good IDE for Java is Intellij Idea from JetBrains company. You can download this for free and start building applications.

You can learn  language details from Oracle Documentation. This language is very popular on internet and you can find also free YoutTube videos. Some of these resources are quite good.

Rating Exam

This exam has three levels of difficulty. It starts with easy questions for beginners then advanced and expert questions. If you pass this exam you are a true Java developer and you can apply for a job to enterprise level. This exam was create by a certified Oracle developer. Good luck!

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