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Programming: Go

Go lang is a high level computer language created at Google for cloud services. Was initially designed as a system language to replace C++. It is a strongly typed language with type inference and garbage collector. Go is very good for intensive parallel computations.

Language Review

Go is a statically typed, salable computer language for large systems. Go originated as an experiment by Google engineers Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson to design a new programming language that would resolve common criticisms of other languages while maintaining their positive characteristics.

Go is expressive, concise, clean, and efficient. Its concurrency mechanisms make it easy to write programs that get the most out of multi core and networked machines, while its novel type system enables flexible and modular program construction. Go compiles quickly to machine code yet has the convenience of garbage collection and the power of run-time reflection. It’s a fast, statically typed, compiled language that feels like a dynamically typed, interpreted language.

Tutorial articles

Our tutorial is for very beginners in Go. An updated  Go tutorial is available on golang homepage where you can also find the reference manual and more documentation. This tutorial is inspired from go documentation and books I have study about go language.


Rating Exam

This is not a difficult exam. You can pass easy if you have read all the tutorials. Once you have taken this exam, you are accepted on future projects created with Go language. We do not have yet a project for Go.

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