Go lang is a high level computer language created at Google for cloud services. Was initially designed as a system language to replace C++. It is a strongly typed language with type inference and garbage collector. Go is very good for intensive parallel computations.


Introduction to Go language

Learning Go

We do not recommend Go as your first computer language. This language is fast to learn and very modern but is for intermediate programmers not for beginners. Go has a lot of performance to offer and is very ready for production. However is a little bit hard to find documentation on internet about all the language features.

SageCode tutorial

Our tutorial is for very beginners in Go. We asume you want to work on Level-GO project and you already know Level language. A pure Go tutorial is available on golang homepage where you can also find the reference manual and more documentation. If you do not chare about Level project is better to follow the original.

External references:

Certification Exam

This language is accepted for Software Developer certificate as your second computer language. This is not a difficult exam. You can pass easy if you have read all the tutorials. Once you have taken this exam and Level language exam, you can contribute to Level-go project to continue your training.

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Leaderboard: Programming Go

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