CSharp  programming language (C#) was created by Microsoft for Windows OS. There is a Linux version of C# called Mono. The prefered editor for C# is Visual Studio available to download from visualstudio website. Visual Studio is a RAD = Rapid Application Developer IDE tool.

Introduction to C# Language

Learning C#

This language is as complex as Java and Swift. It is a difficult language but is very powerful. It is Object Oriented and can be used for desktop APPs for Windows OS, Windows Phone, Surface Tablet and Azure cloud service. This can be your primary computer language. Most of C# developers are working on Windows and are considered the best Microsoft developers.

A competitor language for C# is VisualBasic. These two languages are the main Microsoft  .NET languages. Microsoft .NET is a virtual machine similar to JVM. When C# program runs it will not be executed natively by the computer but instead will be run and be managed by a subsystem that is .NET.

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