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Programming: C#

C#  (C-Sharp) was created by Microsoft for Windows OS. The preferred editor for C# is Visual Studio. This is a RAD = Rapid Application Developer IDE tool. There is also a Linux version of C# called Mono.

Language Review

This language is as complex as Java and Swift. It is Object Oriented. Most of C# developers are working on Windows and are considered the best Microsoft developers. You can use this language to create desktop applications and also visual games. A competitor language for C# is VisualBasic. These two languages are using Microsoft  .NET framework. This framework is a virtual machine similar to JVM (Java Virtual Machine). 


Rating Exam

Next exam is only for beginner. We ask basic questions to check if you know the language syntax. If you are advanced developer you can take this exam to review it and to provide feedback on Forum. You can also suggest new questions, we will appreciate your effort.

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