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Programming: C++

C++ is a multi-paradigm, strongly typed system programming language. This is the default programming language for Linux, Windows and UNIX.  It is the root language for a family of similar languages, called curly bracket languages: Java, C#, Swift, Rust, Go, D and JavaScript.

Language Review

C++ was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs since 1979-1980 as an extension of the C language.  It is considered safer that C but it can produce larger executable code and takes more resources to compile. C++ can be used for creation of high performance applications, server side services,  desktop GUI applications, visual games, databases and operating systems. 


Tutorials Articles

This is an advanced level tutorial for professional developers. We expect you already know one computer language, preferable C or Java.  If you don’t know any other computer language and you start programming with C++ it will be more difficult for you to grasp all these concepts. If you need help, you can ask questions on our forum or discord. 

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C++ have standard specification (ISO). C++ has multiple compilers. Every vendor will deliver a documentation to present C++ syntax and supported features. You must get familiar with this documentation before you can write professional code.

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This exam will be for advanced C++ developers. We will have 100 questions when the exam will be ready. Until then feel free to try the exam as it is and post an article on forum about your experience. At this time the exam is for beginners but it will be enhanced soon.

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