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Programming: C++

This is the default language for Linux and Windows. C++ is the king of programming languages.  It was used to create Free BSD and UNIX. The Apple OS is derived from Free BSD so is using C++. This language was severely criticized due to it’s lack of internal verification and memory access issues.

Learning C++

This language is the most complex language you can learn. It is difficult but very powerful and rewarding. It is multi paradigm, multi-platform, programming language. It has functional and object-oriented features. It can be used for creation of high performance applications and visual games.

The syntax of C++ is based on curly brackets { }. It is the root language for Java, C# and other more new languages: Swift, Rust, Go, D and JavaScript. When was invented it was kind of revolutionary. The syntax was derived from C and extended to create an Object Oriented language.

To create good C++ programs you need a lot of practice. After your theoretical training you can join Level-CC. That is a project for learning C++. Next you will find what you need to start learning C++.

Tutorials Articles

I will cover basic syntax. My method starts with a short overview of the language then we deep dive into structures. Do not expect to be a walk in the park but I will not make you a hacker. This is just good enough to pass the exam and be accepted to work on training projects.

External References:

C++ has multiple compilers. We have a specification standard (ISO). You can learn C++ from documentation but is more difficult.

Rating Exam

This exam is for intermediate developers. We will have 100 questions when the exam is ready. Until then feel free to try the exam as it is and post an article on discord about your experience.

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