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Programming: C

C is a legendary system language. It is one of most important low level languages in computer industry. C was created at Bell-Labs by Dennis Ricthie after B language in 1973. It is the default language for UNIX and Linux platforms. 


C language is the root language for C++ and Objective-C. Its syntax is derived from B language also developed at Bell-Labs. In next video I mention C language and C++ language. My recommendation may surprise you.


Tutorial Articles

This tutorial is for beginners, however it requires basic understanding of programming concepts. To acquire these concepts we recommend CSE: Engineering class, before reading this tutorial.

Articles are ordered by date in descending order. You can read all articles top down like a book. At the bottom of each article there is a link to next article. After you read them all you can continue with the external references to become intermediate C developer.

Download the: snippets

External References:

C language do not have a home page of its own. It seams Bell-Labs has gifted its programming languages to the world and is doing other things. I have search the internet to collect best documentation without adds.  Here is what I have found:

Rating Exam

This exam is for beginners and intermediate developers. We will ask you 30 questions. After you finish do not forget to register your score. We appreciate if you also create a feedback article on the forum. If you score less than 80%, read the tutorial articles and study the examples, then try again! 

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