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Programming C

C is a legendary system language. It is one of most important low level languages in computer industry. C was created at Bell-Labs by Dennis Ricthie after B language in 1973. It is the default language for UNIX and Linux platforms. 


The syntax of C is based on curly brackets { }. It is the root language for C++ and Objective-C. Its syntax is derived from B language also developed at Bell-Labs. In next video you get a short interview with C author. This is not a C language tutorial:


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We will cover the basic syntax for C. Do not expect to become a hacker from this tutorial. For deep dive into C language you should read the reference manual of your favorite compiler. 

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    C language do not have a home page of its own. It seams Bell-Labs has abandoned its computer languages to the world and is doing other things. I have search the internet to collected some documentation without adds.  Here is what I have found:

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    This exam is for beginners. We will have 30 questions about syntax. After you finish do not forget to register your score. We appreciate if you also create a feedback article on our forum. Thanks!

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