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Programming B

B is an historic programming language developed at Bell Labs in 1970. It is the work of Ken Thompson with Dennis Ritchie.  B was designed for recursive, non-numeric, machine-independent applications, such as system and language software. 


B is a descendant of the programming language BCPL and later has inspired creation of C language. It was designed and implemented by D.W.Ritchie and K.L.Thompson of Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc., Murray Hill, N.J. The original implementation of the run-time package was done by S.C.Johnson, also of Bell Labs.

I have research this language for its significance in system language design. We also develop a system programming language called Wee that has similar scope as B language. I was looking for a simple system language that has only one data type and I have found B. These are my research notes.


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If you have read the specification, have some fun by taking this short quiz. It has 30 questions in total and it takes less then 10 minutes of your time. If you pass you can use your new knowledge to review Wee language specification and compare the two languages or start your own system language.

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