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PC Builder Tools

For creation and maintenance of a normal PC you need some tools: I will not describe the tool here but only two most important tools a home computer user should have. In the next video you can see a short description for each tool.


Mandatory Tools

A:Star tip screw driver.
Most of the computer screws are short phillips-head screws.
There are two types of thread:angles. Coarse and Fine

  • Coarse (HDD, Extension Cards, Motherboard) 
  • Fine: CD-ROM, Tape Drive, Flopy Drive 

 Do not put a fine screw into a coarse screwhole.

B.Cutter or retractable knife.
This is ufesul to open the product or component box.
Sometimes you can cut a ribbon cable or an electrical tape.

Optional Tools

For maintenance and advanced upgrade you can also use following tools:

  • Digital multimeter;
  • One powerful magnet; 
  • Pliers tool set;
  • Ethernet Crimping tool set;
  • Screwdriver set;
  • A pair of scissors;
  • Protective glasses;
  • Electric adhesive tape;
  • Air pressure bottles;
  • PC dust blower;
  • PC cleaning cloth;
  • Soldering gun or soldering iron;
  • Soldering wires;
  • Soldering flux paste;