This guide will help you understend better the course content. There are two ways to find content: Using [Courses] menu or [Tutorial] menu. Of course there is alwais the search option o the top bar. Here you can understend more about these two options.

Course Pages

I have created the courses using WordPress native capabilities: Pages and Posts. Each course has a main page and several articles. On main page there is a description of the course and the curiculum. This include a short video presentation that is first video in a video playlist. On the right sidebar of the course there is a list of Articles.

Course Articles

I have organized posts using a simple clasification: Course Articles and Tutorial Articles. A student can chose to folow courses and take exams while a freelancer may use tutorials more often. The instructors may be intrested in using both navigations.

Course Exams

Each course has one exam, except CSP: Computer Languages that have 12 exams. For each language there is one exam. If you do not know what exam to take go to members->certification page and find out the requirements. Some exams can’t be taken if you are a free member.

Tutorial Menu

I have created a special menu to jump directly into a language. This menu improve the navigation and reduce frustration finding articles. Tutorials menu is a premium feature not available for free members. New menus will be created when content is ready for study.

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