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Merlin Server

Merlin is an application server for Windows and Linux capable to host and serve dynamic web pages created with HTML+CSS, JavaScript and Level programming language. 


  1. Include features for meta-programming and code generator;
  2. Support multiple websites running simultaneously on different domains;
  3. Listen for for request and route these requests to each application;
  4. Enable access to files to store data and serve content from different folders;
  5. Each application can run in a different thread (support multi-core processors);
  6. Is able to stop and restart applications without interruptions; 
  7. Has non-blocking data storage capabilities for data files;
  8. Has a configuration file that is using JSON data format;
  9. Include a virtual machine for running Level applications;
  10. Include a compiler and garbage collector for Level code;


Merlin is implemented in Rust. That is for testing it’s capability to create safe multi-thread native applications. Level language do not have such capability but is higher level and domain specific.  


  1. Learn Rust
  2. Learn Level

You will need to pass Level and Rust rating exams to be able to work on this project. If you do not already know these languages now is a good time to start learning.  For both languages we have tutorials and code examples.