We practice social software engineering: SSE. This is based on user interaction and collaboration. We provide ad-free courses for all visitors. If you are not comfortable in a social environment you do not have to register. You can still get benefits from our website as a guest.

Our Values

  1. We offer equal opportunity for rich and poor, black or white, young or old, boy or girl. We assume everyone is smart about something and  have potential.
  2. We value and respect privacy over the public display and bravado. Therefore your profile data is minimalist and optional. We need only your e-mail.
  3. We believe that learning should be active rather than passive. Therefore we encourage our new members to listen, read and practice then repeat.
  4. We research traditional technology to learn from giants but we constantly develop curiosity about new more effective and disruptive ones.
  5. We believe that text books are overrated and obsolete. Instead, read electronic books and follow on-line courses. Buy a tablet and save the trees.

Our Program

We provide a training program to improve your skills and capabilities. Our curriculum is created by volunteers with experience in computer science and information technology. We offer knowledge assessment and free training.

If you pass rating exams we recognize you as qualified software developer. This do not means anybody else will. So we provide an opportunity for you to work on projects to gain experience. Your activity is recorded in logs and can be visualized on GitHub. 

Disclaimer: Our curriculum is not academic and work in progress. If you are looking for high quality courses you better follow a college. Our contributors are foreigners, not native English speakers and not university professors. Some articles may contain incorrect grammar or spelling errors. If you are OK with this you can proceed.

Your Activity

New members start with Freelancer role. For this role we provide free courses and useful services. You can interact with other members and you can ask questions on community forum. After training you can start working for projects to gain experience.

Freelancers with experience will be invited to become Instructors. In this role you can create new articles, video lectures and research projects. If you are prepared to become an instructor submit a support ticket or contact us on discord chat room.

Note: Instructors are volunteers who spend personal time in exchange for experience and premium services. You can be an Instructor only if you have time for research and study. We have no budget to develop this workshop. 


We proudly provide free content but we have bills to pay. Therefore we need to produce a small income to cover the hosting expenses. If you have learned something here we appreciate if you subscribe and make a regular donation of 10$/year. That is less then 1$/month. In return we offer premium services impossible to find anywhere else on the internet. 
For subscribers we host: web pages, e-mail box and projects. Check out our service page for more details. If you have any question contact us on Discord for a friendly chat before you subscribe. 
Maybe you do not understand what project hosting is or how to publish your profile page. 
Here is an example for a hosted “web page”: https://sagecode.net/claudiu  
Enjoy your visit!