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Maj Inception

Our intention is to create a comprehensive light-weight language easy to learn. However it all depends on your native language. Maj is using Latin letters with Balkanic pronounciation. So it will be familiar for Central and East-Europeans and less familiar to Americans, Canadians, Australians, German and even less familiar for Asiatic folks.


There are some good reasons to make a new and different language:


Maj language has several potential use-cases:

  1. making software for language processing and games;
  2. learning how to use tools to organize a project;
  3. study grammar and vocabulary of other languages;
  4. experiment with different words and sounds;


Maj language, will have the following attributes:


Maj have shorte words to reduce cost of typing; so Maj can be faster and more efficient than other languages; after initial calculation we estimate Maj is on average 20% more efficient than other languages. Also we try to make Maj more efficient by reducing number of words required in sentances; therefore Maj has an unusually large number of verbs.



We strive to make Maj efficient. Our main method is to make short words. We aim for Maj to be crisp and elegant. Most words use simple design patterns that avoid difficult to pronounce consonant clusters.

Many words are related in Mak by using a common root with different ending vowel: {"a", "e", "o", "u", "h", "i"} to create groups of related words. In the next example you can see a regular noun and a regular verb.

Regular Noun:

This particular group is missing the verb. There is no meaning for the words: "maso" or "masu". These two words are logically possible but they have no rationale behind so they can not exist in the Lexicon.

Verb example:

This verb can change the status of somebody. The new status becomes an adjective. Also this verb ce infer a new abstract thing called "doza". And this can be used as a noun.


Maj is experimental and we know is not perfect. One major issue is the high similarity between two words. Sometimes words that have nothing in common may look alike. We try to identify these situations and improve the Lexicon.


One single letter can be read wrong and this can change the meaning of the sentence. Maj is not error tolerant and this is bad because we can not use error correction algorithms. There will be no spell check for Maj. You must be careful to type it correctly.

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