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Maj Adjectives

Nouns can be augmented using articles and adjectives: ANA (Article Noun Adjective). This is not the same as in English but inverted. Adjectives also can be used in front of nouns AAN.


Adverbs and adjectives are called augments. Each augment is ending with "o" but not all words ending with "o" are augments. Sometimes we can use multiple augments referring to the subject. In this case we can use the preposition "ci" to create a conjunction.

Adjective comparison:

For adjective comparison we do not change coda from "o" into "h". Instead we use auxiliary prepositions: "plu ka" = more than or "mio ka" = less than. If the comparison is equal we use the preposition "ka" = same.

Note: In the previous example we have used nominative cases for the subject and accusative or genitive cases for the object. Pronoun cases will be explained later below, just read on...

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