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Maj Language

Maj is a logic language created to study artificial rezoning. Unlike programming languages that have very few keywords, Maj has many words and a grammar similar to natural languages. You can use Maj to take personal notes, give names to variables, or make comments in computer programs that nobody will understand but you. 

Maj purpose

Maj is a minimalist language with simple grammar and rules for basic communication. We will create words for: meeting new persons, give greetings, learning about places and describe: occupations, sentiments or human actions.

Maj is a small language. We will not translate all scientific words and scientific concepts into Maj.  However a Maj speaker will be able to tell historic tales and stories or to have a minimum conversation using a chat app.


Maj design is focused on following attributes: 

  1. Regular – with deterministic reading rules;
  2. Efficient – short words and simple grammar;
  3. Familiar – using Latin alphabet and Balkan sounds;

Maj Script

Maj script is a collection of 26 Unicode symbols. We have chosen cursive symbols that are easy to differentiate. Some of the script letters approximately match the Latin letters for intuitive learning. The purpose of Maj script is very precise and there is a reason to chose these letters:

  • Maj script is for writing with stylus on a tablet;
  • Maj script can be translated automatically to Latin;
  • Maj script can be used to write horizontal or vertical;


  • თჲα რևშα! = ola muda! = hello word!

  • ɛծα σთღև რαუ; = eta sonu maj; = this is Maj;


  • proposition end with { !  ? ; }
  • Maj script do not have capital letters;
  • Maj can support vertical writing;

External Tool: Maj Script Converter

Maj sounds 

Maj is design for typing and can be spoken. Here is a quick recording I have made reading the alphabet read bu it’s authors. 

(masculine voice recording)

(feminine voice recording)

Maj Alphabet

Maj is using Latin alphabet as default alphabet for keyboard typing. This alphabet has uppercase and lowercase letters.  We have used IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet), to represent Maj sounds. IPA is difficult to master therefore we have made a recording that you can listen to learn the alphabet.

dotaddedqokaƍce, cit͡ʃ 
heraჩ, ɦtetatծt
jonajjâ  ʒ wakawωu





  • Most letters map 1:1 with Latin alphabet except letter “h” that can be read in two ways: /ɦ/ or /ə/.
  • Letter “G”, “g” both represent the hard G. For soft G we use a digraph: MAJ:/dj/ = IPA: /d͡ʒ/.  
  • Letter “C”, “c” has a pronunciation similar to “zz” in word: “pizza” like Latvian “C”.
  • Letter “X” is read like IPA: “ʃ” that is same letter as Romanian “ş” and not like “ks”.
  • Letter “Q” has a special pronunciation. It is pronounced like digraph “ch” in word: “peach”.
  • Letter “Y” and “y” are read like “i” in word “still” = IPA: /stɨl/ similar to Romanian: “â”.

Letter H:

Letter “h” have associated two sounds: {ɦ, ə}. At beginning of words and after a vowel “h” is read “ɦ”. After a consonant or semivowel “h” is read: “ə”. It is converted automatically by the IPA conversion tool to: “ɦ” or “ə” using this rule. With this rule we resolve a big problem of Maj language without adding a new letter.

Conversion Tools

We have created tools to help new users understand the alphabet:


Maj uses combination of 2 letters to make: digraphs, diphthongs and clusters. Using these combinations we create larger groups called syllables. The syllables can be combined into words. 

Most of the time a word is identical with its root. Sometimes a word can have prefix+root or suffix+root. We use one apostrophe to separate the root from the prefix or suffix particle. 


A digraph is a group of letters that are associated together to a different sounds. Maj have two digraphs:

  • Digraph “ks” is associated to Latin “x” and “x” is reused to make sound “sh”; 
  • Digraph “dj” is associated to soft “g” =  /d͡ʒ/. For example in word: djia = /d͡ʒia/

Composite Words

Sometimes we use “-” to combine short words and create longer words. Using this method you can create words that have a different meaning than the two separated words. Composite words are mostly used to create nouns using an adjective and a noun together. 


Maj CompositeEnglishSpanish
pedo-bakahydro-bikebicicleta de agua

Learning Maj

Maj is easy to learn if you know English. In the future we are looking forward to translate the Maj in other languages. Maj lexicon will be translated in 5 more languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian and Romanian.

At this time Maj Lexicon contains about 1500 words. In the future we will create new words to reach about 2020 words. After this we will consolidate Maj with examples.  You can read these documents and learn Maj.

That’s that.

If you have questions about Maj, please use this forum.