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Maj Language

Maj is a constructed language. The purpose  of this project is to study logic and artificial rezoning. Maj is a research language not a programming language. You can use it to take notes or to chat on-line with other people who know Maj.

Humans have developed thousands of languages using social interaction and brain power. Many languages have disappeared from history and many more will disappear due to globalization phenomena. Computers are new to this domain and do not handle it very well. I thought to give the computer a role in language construction.

Maj purpose

Maj is for chat on the Internet using a keyboard and for hand writing using a stylus. A future algorithm could recognize the movement of the stylus on a tablet or mobile phone to take notes. Maj can be used to write a personal journal. 

Maj is a minimalist language. We will create words to: give greetings, learn about places, describe occupations, sentiments and actions. Maj is not an academic language, so we will not translate all possible words and concepts into Maj.


Maj design is focused on following quality attributes: 

  1. Accessible – documentation is public;
  2. Efficient – short words and simple grammar;
  3. Phonetic – with deterministic reading rules;


Maj is a light weight auxiliary language (AL), similar to Esperanto.

  1. Maj is for study;
  2. Maj is for family;
  3. Maj is for friendship;
  4. Maj is for entertainment;
  5. Maj is for computer science;

Maj Script

Maj script is a hack, not an original script but a collection of existing symbols. Maj uses letters inspired from Georgian, Greek, Armenian and Latin. We have chosen these letters to be easy to differentiate. Some of the letters approximately match the Latin letters for faster learning. 

  • Maj script is for writing with stylus on a tablet;
  • Maj script do not have uppercase letters;
  • Maj script is mapped with Latin alphabet;

Direction of writing is from left to right but the letters are not connected. It is important to learn where to start a letter and what direction to take first and second. After you start the letter you never lift the pen until you finish. 

Note: Two letters are deprecated: {გ, ⱷ} 


  • თჲα.რևშα! = ola muda!

  • ɛծα.ɛσ.რαუ; = eta es maj;


  • words are separated by one dot;
  • proposition end with ; ! or ?
  • Maj can support vertical writing;

External Tool: Maj Script Converter

Latin alphabet 

Maj is using Latin alphabet as default alphabet for keyboard typing. This alphabet has uppercase and lowercase letters.  We have used IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet), to explain Maj sounds. IPA is difficult to master. Alternative to IPA you can listen a recording then read the letters yourself: 

(masculine voice recording)

(feminine voice recording)

heraჩ, ɦtetatծt
jonajjâ  ʒ wakawωu





  • Most letters map 1:1 with Latin alphabet except letter “h” that can be read in two ways: /ɦ/ or /ə/.
  • Letter “g” can be pronounced: /d͡ʒ/ in some other languages but not in Maj. 

Letter H:

Letter “h” have associated two sounds: {ɦ, ə}. At beginning of words and after a vowel “h” is read “ɦ”. After a consonant or semivowel “h” is read: “ə”. It is converted automatically by the IPA conversion tool to: “ɦ” or “ə” using this rule.

(*) Digraphs

A digraph is a group of letters that are associated to a different sound. In Maj, most frequent digraphs are associated to letters. This is an important difference between Maj and other languages:

  • Digraph “ch” is associated  with Letter “q”;
  • Digraph “ts” is associated to letter “c”;
  • Digraph “sh” is associated to letter “x”; 


Maj is using one letter for one sound and combination of letters to make: diphthongs, clusters and syllables. One word can be as simple as one syllable up to tree syllables. One word can have prefix+root or suffix+root. We use one apostrophe to separate the root from the prefix or suffix particle. 

Sometimes we use “+” to combine a longer word from a smaller word, to create long numerals. Using this method you can create very long words. This method is not used for other purposes but numerals.

Conversion Tools

We have created tools to help users understand the alphabet:


Maj documentation is work in progress. We have an open source project created with Notepad++ on GitHub. You can browse the grammar and examples to learn Maj using this Editor. When the language will be released we will have a tutorial on this website with exams to learn how to read Maj script.

GitHub Doc: Maj Language

Spreadsheet: Maj Basics

Learning Experience

I have built Maj to improve my personal experience and programming skills. To create Maj I’m using most popular Romance languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Romanian. This enabled me to learn new words from other languages. 

Maj is easy to learn if you are Italian or Romanian but also you must know English at this time. Maj will have about 2020 words to be translated before it can be used for writing comprehensive text.

Maj is using an algorithm for computing the word complexity, but we do not generate words automatically. We use this algorithm to identify the most difficult words and simplify. In the future we will create tools to translate into Maj from other languages. 

That’s that.

Maj is open design. If you have questions about Maj, or wish to contribute please use the forum: