Level console is an interactive program that is encapsulate with the compiler into a single application. I have enhanced the Level main program to be able to run the console using parameters. This program is almost like an interpretor. It is based on commands that you can use to load, compiler run and debug a Level-PY program.


The console application is part of Level-PY project. This require Python 3.x to be installed on your computer. Then you can use GitHub desktop application to clone the project on your computer. After cloning you will be able to run the console.

Running console

To start the console on Windows you can use a shortcut. The shortcut for starting level console available in the project and may required some modifications for your computer. You can click the shortcut Level.lnk to start.


For main program level.py I have added several parameters to enhance the startup configuration. All parameters are optional including the program file.

-h   --help    : display a short description of parameters
-p   --pfile   : program file to pe compiled/parse
-a   --action  : one of {run,compile,debug,parser,scanner,lexer}
-d   --driver  : one of {batch,console,service}
-o   --home    : a folder where the level programs are located
-m   --mode    : debug mode {trace,regular,silent}

To avoid writing and rewriting parameters for running console I have created a batch file to start Level console. This can be used as an example to create other batch files to start Level compiler with different configurations.

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