Sage-Code Laboratory

About Us: We are an independent community of computer enthusiasts. Our website is hosted in San Francisco but we also have a small office in Chicago where we run back-end services. We host tutorials and projects for learning Computer Science and Software Engineering.
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Training Resources

We create articles, web pages and videos to improve our repository of knowledge. Our content is static, require no log-in or registration and is ads free. We stream on Twitch and upload videos on YouTube. We provide two training courses. There is no schedule, you can start any time, interrupt and continue in your own pace. We don't track your progress in any way.


These tutorials are recommended for beginners in Computer Science. We cover various topics about: programming paradigms, software architecture, database design, software testing and project management.


Next you can learn one or more programming languages. We teach language syntax and semantics using live video streaming, text articles, logic charts, examples, and code snippets that you can download.

Business Plan

Sage-Code Laboratory is a startup. Our current activity is focused on free training, but our goal is to grow a profitable software house. We do not display any ads and we don't accept donations but we need a small income to cover our electricity bill. Therefore after training we invite you to join one of our projects to earn sweat equity or build your own project using our services to earn a passive income.


We develop open source projects for research and private projects for business. You can contribute to these projects using GitHub platform but you need an invitation to join our team.


We offer: project hosting, test automation, data processing, backup & archive. Our services run on custom micro-servers optimized for efficient high-performance computing.

Community Activity

Our community has been hacked in 2020, and we have learn to be cautious. Since then, we have established safety rules that enable a very healthy collaborative environment. We don't have a registry or database, and we don't collect e-mail addresses. Instead, we communicate using prestigious social media platforms. This strategy allows us to operate without any security risk.

Next we list our favorite platforms. You can register an account for yourself if you don't already have one. After that, you will be able to contact us and contribute to our work. All these platforms offer free communication services. There is an open invitation to our channels at the bottom of this page.

▶ GitHub Repository & bug tracking for code
▶ Discord News, events, chat, links and meetings
▶ Linkedin Profile, networking and business contacts
▶ Paypal Make and receive on-line payments
▶ Google Documents, diagrams and prep exams
▶ Twitch Live streaming programming tutorials
▶ Reddit Forum articles and recruiting
Join us:  Our organization is present on Discord, GitHub, Linkedin and Reddit. We exchange knowledge and work together on projects. We schedule live classes and meetings where you can interact with other members. When you feel ready for a commitment, click the first icon below to receive the invitation. Once you accept our guidelines, you can promote yourself on our #team channel. We look forward meeting you.