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About Us: Sage-Code is an independent software house for freelancers and tech enterpreneurs. We research new technology and innovate. Our goal is to provide useful, high quality software services. We host tutorials, projects and profile pages. Join us to learn elite programming, gain enterprise level experience, improve your skills and grow your professional network.

Sage-Code Laboratory (SCL) was founded in 2010 by a group of software engineers who wanted to create a high quality platform for learning computer science and software engineering. The website has since grown to become a popular resource for students, professionals, and anyone who wants to learn more about these topics. We offer training courses and commercial services for independent enterprereurs and companies.

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Going Solar!
Sage-Code Labortory is investing to become 100% solar. We will install sollar panels and generators to lower our electricity bills and provide low cost back-end services to our members.

Coding Bootcamp

We offer two crash courses. Our bootcamp is very affordable and high quality. You will get access with user/password credentials after you make a 20$ donation on Ko-Fi website, or visit our Discord and tell us who you are and what is your goal. We offer promotion and 101 mentoring for all active members.

CS1 - Engineering

This course is recommended for students in Computer Science, Engineers and computer enthusiasts. We cover fundamental concepts on various engineering topics including: logic, programming paradigms, prompt engineering, architecture, design, databases, data science, cybersecurity, version control, testing, compilers, platforms, networks & devices.

CS2 - Programming

This course is design for beginners who wish to study how to code. We teach syntax and semantic for 18 top programming languages using live video streaming on Twitch, YouTube videos, text articles, logic charts and code snippets. For every language we host a final prep quiz using Google forms. Follow this course to learn how to read, write and debug software projects.

Info: Our content is free for all visitors until 01 January 2024. If you join before this date, you will have free access. After this date you need to subscribe, or make a donation on Ko-fi website. We need a small income to cover expenses. So far we have invested over 35k in books and resources, and a lot of time for this website. With your help, we will continue to invest energy and time to maintain and improve our services.

Research Program

After training you can work as a volunteer in our core team. Our organization is registered on Linkedin and Github. We develop new programming languages, compilers and on-line cloud services (SaaS). We study high performance computing, artificial reasoning and new algorithms. Join our organization to learn how to work in a team and collaborate to build enterprise projects. Visit the pages below to learn more about this unique oportunity.


We host open source and private projects. Our code-base is protected to avoid trolling and piracy. You can contribute to Sage-Code projects only if you are part of our core team. You can join our core team if you pass developer exam. Documentation for using the projects is available on-line. Press the button below for details.


We offer exclusive: private repository, build pipeline, test automation, data processing, backup & archive. Our services are scheduled to run automatically. We use customized, efficient GPU micro-servers. You can access these resources as long as your premium subscription is active. Press the button below for details.

Community activity

Our team is focused on content creation and open source. We are using prestigious social media platforms to communicate and collaborate. Our members are sctive in several communities. We schedule streams on Twitch & YouTUbe, live spaces on Twitter and stage meetings on Discord, where you can learn and contribute. Join a community you find intresting, or create your own and invite other members to join you. Sage-Code encourage self promotion in all communities!

▶ Twitch Video streaming channel: live events
▶ Discord Discord support community, chat & personal branding
▶ GitHub Version control system and project hosting
▶ Linkedin Professional profile, networking and business contacts
▶ Reddit Forum articles, contact & self promotion
▶ HashNode Blog articles, programming snippets

Live events

Our mentors organize periodic live events on Twitch or YouTube. Most events are scheduled for one season ahead. All members have access to these events. We also schedule private events on Discord. Private events are not shared in Sage-Code calendar. On this events you can participate using voice, camera and screen share.

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Privacy policy: We respect your privacy and keep your identity secret. Sage-Code organization is GDPR compliant. We don't have a registry or database that can be hacked and we don't collect any identifiable data about our users. We never use e-mail to communicate. Our communication channels are encrypted and private. This strategy has proven to be effective against any spammers, trolls and hackers! 🗝️🔒