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About Us: We are an independent, open freelance community. Our goal is to study Computer Science. We host free tutorials, portfolio projects and developer testimonials. Our pages are static, ads free and require no registration or login. Join us to make friends and learn elite programming.

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Training program

Our content is distributed in many places. We stream on Twitch and upload videos on YouTube. Every member has it's own video channel, podcast or blog. We visit, raid and support each other. Some of us are sharing quizzes forms and documents. You can do the same, and help us grow.


This tutorial is recommended for students in Computer Science, engineers and computer enthusiasts. We cover fundamental concepts and various other topics: software architecture, design, testing, tools, devices & platforms.


Next you can learn one or more programming languages. We teach language syntax and semantics using live video streaming, text articles, logic charts, examples, and code snippets. Follow this course to learn how to code.

Business program

For professional developers we offer premium resources. You can use these resources to build your personal brand, practice programming and showcase your skills. To become a premium subscriber, you must sponsor one of our projects on GitHub.


We host open source projects for research and private projects for business. You can contribute to these projects using Git but you need an invitation from the project owner to get access to the codebase.


We offer exclusive: subdomain, repository, build pipeline, test automation, data processing, backup & archive. Our services are scheduled to run automatically. We use customized, efficient GPU micro-servers.

Community activity

Our activity is focused on content creation and team building. We are using prestigious social media platforms to communicate and collaborate. Our instructors will schedule streams, live classes and stage meetings where you can learn and contribute. Enjoy freedom, learn and prosper!🖖🏼
▶ Discord Communication hub for meetings and chat
▶ GitHub Version control system and project hosting
▶ Twitter Community, recruiting & personal branding
▶ Linkedin Profile, networking and business contacts
▶ Reddit Forum articles, contact & self promotion
Privacy terms: We respect your privacy and keep your identity secret. We don't have a registry or database that can be hacked and we don't collect e-mail addresses. This strategy has proven to be effective against any spamers, trolls and hackers. We look forward meeting you! 👋