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How to build a PC

I have posted on YouTube a series of videos: How to make a PC in 8 easy steps. In this series you can learn the most important steps to create a computer. During this exercise I have done some mistakes that you can learn to avoid if you will build your own PC in the future. The entire Play List contains 12 videos.

How to make a PC

Steps to build a PC:

After this lesson learned here are all the steps required to build a personal computer PC from A to Z:

A. Prepare the motherboard:

  • Install microprocessor
  • Install memory card

B.Assemble the PC:

  1. Install the cooling fans
  2. Install hard disks
  3. Install the power supply
  4. Install the motherboard
  5. Cable management
  6. Install SATA cables
  7. Install extension cards
  8. Final inspection

C. Finalization

After the final inspection you run a test (Smoke Test) then you put on the side panels and the computer is finished. Next you can install the operating system.