How is SageCode unique?

SageCode is a virtual office for students, teachers, instructors and entrepreneurs in computer industry. Here you can join a research team or create your own. We offer low cost content you can use to improve your skills and status. You can download research artifacts to make videos, prepare courses or make presentations at work or at school.

What is sage code?

Sage code is a programming style used for all projects under the SageCode domain. We teach sage code using Level language. We often highlight sage code patterns through our courses to teach this practice. Do not confuse the two.

What is my role?

You can have one of these roles: Apprentice, Freelancer or Researcher.  We promote active members who study, take exams and contribute with articles on forum. We will send you a message when you are promoted or demoted.

What is my contribution?

All registered members can contribute by posting articles on the Forum or chat on Discord. Freelancers can contribute on GitHub training projects by posting snippets and creating wiki pages. Researchers can post articles, create projects, moderate comments and create quiz questions.

Do I need a profile picture?

No, a profile picture is not mandatory for apprentice and freelancer role. You can use any avatar with size 300 x 300. To become researcher we prefer to have your real picture. This is used on member page and each article you write. We want readers to recognize the authors.

Do I have a new e-mail account?

This is a premium service granted to most active members. After you subscribe and have a role you can submit a ticket and we create an e-mail for you using domain To learn more visit page: sagecode e-mail.

Will my subscription expire?

Member subscription expire automatic after two years. Then you will loose your role if you have no activity. You can preserve your role only if you have pass at least two exams and you have a regular activity on Forum, Discord or GitHub.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You cancel your subscription on PayPal account. To do this log-in into your PayPal account. Then select “settings-> payments-> manage approved payments-> select your plan-> open details and press cancel. Please also submit a ticket so we know you have changed your subscription.

Can I start a new project?

You can create a new projects if you are researcher. When you start a project you become project owner. In this position you can create epics and work items for your team. Researchers are free to incentivize team members to resolve work items. We offer on-line assistance for research projects.

Are projects open source?

Yes, our projects are open source. We register training projects and research projects. SageCode projects are protected by license.  Unauthorized use or modification of our software for gaining profit is forbidden. We may pursue the perpetrators using US lows.

How can I earn rewards?

Project owners can create epics on and invite freelancers to implement them. When epic is resolved the project owner grant rewards to freelancers. When a project reach maturity SageCode reserve the right to offer releases and provide services to customers.

Why we use other websites?

For convenience and  performance we use to host projects. We use to create epics for research. This grant the member an opportunity to have a public profile independent of SageCode and build a personal reputation as freelancer.

I can’t access my account!

We remove accounts that look bad and we block accounts for malicious activity.  To avoid this please chose a short username using Latin letters with no special symbols: This is your identity <user-name>  Update your profile picture. Subscribe to a role and use your PayPal e-mail account to register. If we fail to verify your data we may suspend your account.

I was kick out on Discord!

If you post spam, get offensive, post unappropriated messages or pictures we will ban or kick you out. Our chat room is very discrete and quiet. Do not disturb the rooms. If you wish to join back you can apologize using a support ticket. If you are sincere we may accept you back.

Important Note: For more questions contact us using discord application. If you are a register member you can also use  the forum.