What we do?

SageCode website is a virtual workshop for students, freelancers and entrepreneurs in computer industry. We offer low cost learning services to improve your skills and social status. Members can have a single role: Apprentice, Freelancer or Researcher.

What is my activity?

New registered members can contribute by posting articles on the Forum and chat on Discord. Freelancers can contribute on GitHub by posting training snippets and creating wiki pages. Researchers can post articles, quiz questions and can start new projects. On discord app researchers are moderators. On GitHub researchers can accept pull requests.

Is this a school?

No. At school you are bound to a government program that is mandatory. You are coerced to learn stuff that you never need. Our program is comprehensive and voluntary. You are not pushed in the wrong direction and abandoned into the wilderness. We care about what you do and we support you during and after training.

What is a subscription?

We gradually promote members who study, take exams and contribute with articles. The subscription is an alternative self promotion path. Subscribers have bonuses and premium services not available for other members

Do I have a new e-mail account?

After you subscribe for a role you can submit a ticket and we create an new e-mail address for you using domain @sagecode.net. This is accessible on-line or using POP3 and IMAP protocol. To learn more visit page: sagecode e-mail.

Will my subscription expire?

Member subscription expire automatic after two years. Then you will loose your role if you have no certificate awarded. You can preserve your role only if you have pass at least two exams. Inactive members who do not pass any exam are demoted.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you cancel your subscription on PayPal account. To do this log-in into your PayPal account. Then select “settings-> payments-> manage approved payments-> select your plan-> open details and press cancel. Please also submit a ticket after you have canceled your subscription.

Do I need a profile picture?

A profile picture is not mandatory for apprentice or freelancer roles but is required for researchers. To become a researcher we prefer to have your real picture and real name. This is used on member page and each article you write. If you wish to remain anonymous you can’t be a researcher.

I have graduated. Now what?

If you have graduated, you can order a certificate. This is your prove that you have study on our website and you have the know-how. Then the real challenge begins. You can apply for jobs or start freelancing. If you feel good about your success do not forget to give something back. We will appreciate your future contribution and feedback.

Can I start a new project?

You can create a new projects if you are researcher or freelancer. When you start a project you become project owner. In this position you can create epics and work items for your team. We host free on-line tracking management system. To submit your project use projects page.

Are projects open source?

Yes, most projects are open source. We register public projects and private projects. All projects are protected by license.  Public projects are SageCode property. Private projects are usually closed source and property of project owner.

How can I earn rewards?

Project owners can create epics on freelancer.com and invite other members to implement them. When epic is resolved the project owner will grant rewards. The projects are 100% owned and managed by project owners. SageCode offer rewards for it’s own private projects.

Why we use other websites?

For convenience and  performance project owners can use github.com, gitlab.com and bitbucket.org to host projects. Each project owner can manage his project on these websites and also register the project with SageCode for free. We host a free chat room for each project that is registered.

I can’t access my account!

We remove accounts that look bad and we block accounts for malicious activity.  To avoid this please chose a short username using Latin letters with no special symbols: This is your identity <user-name> @sagecode.net.  Update your profile picture. Subscribe to a role and use your PayPal e-mail account to register. If we fail to verify your data we may suspend your account.

I was kick out from Discord!

If you post spam, get offensive, post unappropriated messages or pictures we will ban or kick you out. Our chat room is very discrete and quiet. Do not disturb the rooms. If you wish to join back you can apologize using a support ticket. If you are sincere we may accept you back.

Note: For more questions contact us using discord app. To register you can use contact page.