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Valheim is a survival game similar to Minecraft and Terraria where players become mighty Vikings who must gather resources, build bases and defend against monster attacks in order to survive. The game supports co-operative gameplay with up to nine other people as well as the ability to pit yourself against other players in optional PvP modes.



There will be dragons.


build your home


build your castle


get warm by the fire


enjoy the view

Server Hosting

SageCode offers affordable, easy to access, high performance and convenient game hosting server so you can play with your friends, hassle-free. Our team of highly skilled IT professionals offers quick support and accept feedback via Discord.

Note: Valheim is not free to play! You must buy a license, then you can play solo for as long as you want on your home game-pc. This may be fun for a while but there is another much cooler experience you can have by playing with your friends. This require a persistent virtual wold that we can host on our server. Click the button below to visit Steam and download the game.

Valheim on Steam

Demo Server

We host a free demo world for testing our server performance. If you join our Discord group you can connect and play for a short time. The demo world is reset regularly so you progress is not saved anywhere. You can use this world only for testing purpose.


If you like our demo, you can purchase your own world and invite your friends to join. This will save your progress and you will not start over every time you log-in. We will keep the server on-line as long as we have active subscribers.

6 Month Plan

This plan will charge you $10 /month and is billed every month for 6 month. First payment include 5$ setup fee.

12 Month Plan

This plan will charge you $8 /month and is billed every three months for 12 month. First payment include 5$ setup fee.

World Activation

After selecting your subscription plan we will setup the new world as soon as possible. Each plan include one initial $5 setup fee. You will have to contact us via direct messages on Discord to receive the connection credentials for your new server. We do not communicate with our customers using e-mail for security reason.

World Cancelation

IMPORTANT: You can cancel your subscription any time using PayPal. We do not have the ability to cancel a subscription on your behalf. You do not have to contact us by phone or otherwise. We will receive a notification from PayPall, so we don't ask for any question.

Note: If you choose to cancel your subscription you may continue to play until the last day of your plan. At 6:00PM CST on the last day of your plan we will change the server password and you will no longer be able to connect. Be aware we will deactivate and archive your world within one month after your subscription was canceled.

Renew: If your subscription is about to expire, you may chose to request a new subscription for same period or increase your period. You can renew your subscription no later than 1 period or your world will be locked. We preserve inactive worlds for three month. After this we consider you want a cancelation, so your world will be archived.

Maintenance & Support

Our server will be intrerupted from time to time to perform regular updates, backup and maintenance. We will anounce on Discord the maintenance date. You can also reset, archive/restore worlds at your request. This is an extra service you can order via our service page.

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