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What is EVE?

Eve is a declarative 4'th generation language. We have started Eve in 2005. There is no deadline. Eve is open source with Apache 2.0 license. We debade design ideas in public and we vote. If you like inovation, join us and contribute.

Eve Purpose

In contrast to a general purpose language Eve is designed to do a specific work. This is to transfer data from one database into external files, and load data from external files back into another database. Eve should be able to synchronize two databases by using a bi-directional connection.

EVE = Extract Validate Export

Extract Enable data extraction from multiple databases
Validate Enable batch data control and verification
Export Create external files in different data formats

Eve Requirements

Next we describe Eve requirements in details using examples. We organize the pages in logical order from basic to advanced. Each page has top bookmarks for most important titles. You can use them to jump to a specific topic. Though not all titles have bookmarks.

Disclaimer:  In this documentation we refer to Eve using perfect tense like it is already done, but EVE is not yet available. This reference document can serve as a high level design and initial tutorial to learn the language syntax and semantic.

Tutorial Index

  1. Features
  2. Syntax
  3. Structure
  4. Data Types
  5. Classes
  6. Functions
  7. Collections
  8. Control Flow
  9. Processing
  10. Algorithms
  11. Standard Library
  12. Shell command
  13. Databases

External References

We store code snippets, and tools for EVE on GitHub. You can clone the entire repository on your computer. Then you can use Notepad++ to open Eve examples and review the code. There is a syntax file for Eve. You can download this file.

Instructions: We chose dark theme for editor. So after you download, and install the "UDL" (User Define Language) you have to change settings in the Notepad++ style dialog like these in the picture below:

Notepad++ Style

Notepad++ Style Configuration

Note: At this time, the Notpad++ syntax color is out of date and we do not update this yet. For now we use CSS and HTML to make examples of code direct in this website. We need to update this.

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