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Eve Language

EVE stands for Extract Verify Export.  It is a 4’th generation, scripting language designed for back-end data services. It is a single threaded gradual typed language with  automatic memory management and garbage collector.


EVE specification is an open source project with Apache 2.0 license. You can contribute to this project only if you are invited by language author.  This language is for Sage Code business applications not for training. You can learn this language only if you wish to become Sage Code professional freelancer.

GitHub: EVE Repository

Eden machine

Eden is a multi-thread virtual machine that can run *.eve scripts. It can run as console application or as a service. Eden is experimental code stored on a private repository. Executable code will be available only for Sage-Code subscribers.

Eden features

  1. Support multi-sessions running in parallel on different domains;
  2. Enable access to system storage to load and save data files;
  3. Has readable configuration files using JSON data format;
  4. Can connect to multiple databases and execute native SQL;
  5. Include features for generic programming and code generators;
Note: There is another language on GitHub called Eve under witheve organization.  It is a different language. From what I have heard it is discontinued. Do not confuse the two.