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Eve Language

ΞVΞ stands for Extensible Virtual Environment.  It is a 4’th generation, hosted language designed for back-end data services and test automation. It is a gradual typed scripting language with  automatic memory management and garbage collector.


This is a private research project with Apache 2.0 license. You can contribute to this project only if you are invited.  This language is for business not for training. Source code is stored on a private repository.


ΞVΞ interpreter is called Eden. It is a virtual environment where ΞVΞ can play. Eden can be run as a normal console application or as a service on Windows or Linux.


  1. Support multi-sessions running in parallel on different domains;
  2. Each session can run in a different thread (support multi-core processors);
  3. Enable access to system storage to load and save data files;
  4. Has readable configuration files using JSON data format;
  5. Can connect to multiple databases and execute native SQL;
  6. Include features for generic programming and code generators;
  7. It has web IDE user interface for data visualization and verification;
Note: There is another language on GitHub called Eve under witheve organization.  ΞVΞ and Eve are different languages having nothing in common but the name.