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Eve Language

EVE stands for Extract Validate Export. It is a domain specific scripting language for test automation and data transformation. Unlike a general purpose programming language, EVE has a precise scope: It can transfer data between two databases.

Project license

EVE is an open source project with Apache 2.0 license. 

GitHub: EVE

Virtual machine

EVE is a programmable multi-thread virtual machine. It can run as console application or as a service


  1. Must support multi-sessions running in parallel on different domains;
  2. Must enable access to system storage to load and save data files;
  3. Must have readable configuration files using JSON data format;
  4. Should connect to multiple databases and execute native SQL;
  5. Should include features for automatic script generators for SQL DDL;
Note: There is a computer language on GitHub called Eve under witheve organization.  That is a different computer language. From what I have heard it is discontinued. Do not confuse the two. EVE and Eve are different languages.