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Software engineering is a branch of computer science that deals with the design, implementation, and maintenance of complex computer programs. It consist of systematic application of engineering methods to software production.


Let's make a deal! We teach you how to design & implement software, the best we can, and in return you mention us on your favorite social platform. We hope your followers will appreciate this and maybe will visit us. Done deal? Let's get started then:


Next lectures will teach you how to create higher quality software and avoid catastrophic defects. We have selected most fundamental topics that will extend your vision about computer programming. After you study these you will be able to select the right technology and establish a developement process for your future projects.

# ? Title Complexity Description
01 Programming Concepts ★★ Fundamental concepts of computer programming
02 Programming Paradigms ★★ Logical approach for describing and solving problems
03 Programming Languages ★★ History and evolution of programming languages
04 Software Life Cycle ★★★ Explain project management methodology
05 Version Control Systems ★★★ Explain how to save & maintain code
06 Software Architecture ★★★ Higher level design principles of software design
07 Software Testing ★★★ Explain software testing methods and terminology
08 Database Systems ★★★★ Evaluate software used to organize structured data
09 Database Design ★★★★ Explain relational database design using Agile model
10 Operating Systems ★★★★ Explain usability of diferent platforms
11 Crafting Compilers ★★★★ Explain how to create a programming language
12 Computer Hardware ★★★★ Explain personal computers and data storage
13 Tools & Resources ★★★★ Productivity tools and resources for software developers


?coverage complexity level
#= importance ★★★ = orange belt
= started ★★★ = red belt
= basic ★★★ = green belt
= intermediate★★★ = blue belt
= advanced ★★★ = brown belt
= extensive ★★★ = black belt

Engineering - Prep Quiz

We have made a difficult quiz about Software Engineering that have 120 questions. You can try this quiz now. It will take you about one hour to complete. It require sign-in using your Google account.
Engineering Quiz

Engineering Quiz

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Repeating: We remove old responses when we update the tutorial and the quiz for next semester. So in te future the quiz will become even harder. We will announce this event on Discord #news channel and on Twitter. Then you can take the quiz second time to improve your score.