Operating System: is the second course for Information Technology. On this course you will learn about Operating Systems and File Storage. We also introduce you to system security and shell programming. After you finish this course you will be able to install Windows or Linux on your computer.


Learning the operating system is very important for computer users and software developers alike. You must know how to organize data files, setup a backup or free space when disk C: is full.

To practice operating systems you need an experimental computer or virtual machine. You can install a virtual machine on your computer like any other program. Download from here: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads

As a developer you may wish to learn about Operating Systems to make better back-end applications. Here you can learn shell programming. If you learn Operatyng Systems + Programming: Python we grant you a System Engineer certificate.

For System Builders there is no need to learn a computer language. Therefore this exam do not include questions about computer programming. However it is a good skill to learn how to create shell scripts.

Video Lectures

The best way to learn operating systems is to install them. Before you do, you can watch some videos. This will give you an overview and an oppinion so that you have a shorter learning path. Please subscribe and watch this play-list:

Introduction to Operating Systems

Certification Exam:

This exam is required for System Engineer and System Builder certificate. If you wish to have both certificates you need to take this exam only once. We expect a System Engineer to have much better score then a System Builder.

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Note: The exam contains 30 easy questions. Anyone who has follow the course will pass.