Programming: This is the second course for Computer Science.  Here you can start  learning one or more computer languages and become Software Developer. Before this you should take our first course: CSE: Engineering. 


Introduction to Programming Languages

Learning Path

We have created a learning path specific for freelancers. We recommend most useful and easy languages to learn first then other more difficult languages later. If you are familiar with computer languages you can take any class you believe is most suitable for your future career.

Junior Classes

We suggest you start with front-end web design. All members can follow these two classes for free. Once you have learned these languages you can create dynamic websites and web apps.
#Class PageDifficultyLanguage DescriptionReference
1HTML+CSSDefault language for static web pages.HTML & CSS
2JavaScript★★Default language for dynamic web apps.Mozilla JS

Senior Classes

Next languages are for back-end developers. After you pass at least one exam in this category you can start your own private project. For these languages we provide premium content.
#Class PageDifficultyLanguage DescriptionReference
1Julia★★★Academic dynamic language by MIT.Julia-Lang
2Rust★★★Safe system programming language.Mozilla Rust
3Go★★★Concurrent language for Google cloud.Go Lang
4Kotlin★★★Virtual language for JVM by JetBrainsKotlin
5Python★★★Popular dynamically language.Python

Expert Classes

Next languages are more difficult to learn. We are working to improve content for these languages (work in progress). Once you have mastered one language from this category you can become an instructor. This give you rights to publish new articles.
#Class PageDifficultyLanguage DescriptionReference
1C++★★★★Multi-paradigm system language.ISO CPP
2C#★★★★Disruptive Windows Apps language.

Microsoft C#

3Swift★★★★Apple’s mobile devices default language.Apple Swift
4Java★★★★Android APP default language.Oracle Java
5Scala★★★★★Business-oriented, programming language.Scala Lang
6Fortran★★★★★The most rapid computer language.Fortran
7Assembly★★★★★Symbolic machine code language.Assembly
Note: We review several other computer languages in different courses. For platforms we review shell scripting. For databases we review SQL and PL/SQL. For engineering we use Ruby examples.