Computer Programming: This is the second course for Computer Science. Before you take this course you should follow CSE that is our first course. Here you can learn one or more computer languages and become a software developer.

Introduction to Programming Languages

Apprentice Class

As apprentice we advice you to learn at least two languages from the list below. After you pass two exams in this category we will promote you to freelancer role. You need to contact us to claim your next role.
#Class PageDifficultyLanguage DescriptionReferenceParadigm
1HTML+CSSDefault language for static web pages.HTML & CSSDescriptive
2JavaScript★★Default language for dynamic websites.Mozilla JSFunctional
3Python★★Most popular dynamically typed language.PythonMulti-paradigm
4Julia★★★Academic dynamic language by MIT.Julia-LangMulti-paradigm
5PL/SQL★★★Procedural and structured query language.PL/SQLMulti-paradigm

Freelancer Class

This is a list of languages you can learn as freelancer order by difficulty. For these languages we offer premium content. After you pass at least two exams from this category we will promote you to researcher role to contribute to our projects and courses.
#Class PageDifficultyLanguage DescriptionReferenceParadigm
6Go★★★Concurrent language for Google cloud.Go LangMulti-paradigm
7Rust★★★Safe system programming language.Mozilla RustMulti-paradigm
8C++★★★★System language for Linux and Windows.ISO CPPMulti-paradigm
9C#★★★★Windows APP default language.Microsoft C#Multi-paradigm
10Swift★★★★Apple’s mobile devices default language.Apple SwiftMulti-paradigm
11Java★★★★★Android APP default language.Oracle JavaObject Oriented
12Level★★★★★Data oriented programming language.Level DesignDeclarative
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