We host: a series of on-line courses for Computer Science, Programming and Information Technology. Our instructors are researchers in computer science, engineers and certified programmers. These courses do not have start date, end date or home-works. Any students can join, drop or continue any time.


We have organized courses in two categories: Computer Science (CS) and Information Technology (IT). Each course has one main page with links to video lectures and articles.

We review the content from time to time and improve the articles or create new articles about technology we consider worthy. Most course articles are free. Some courses have also premium articles provided only to registered subscribers for a small fee.

Courses hosted by Sage-Code
CSESoftware EngineeringIntroductory course into programming and computer science.Software engineer
CSPComputer ProgrammingLearn programming using one or more computer languages.Software developer
CSDDatabase DesignLearn to design data-centric applications using databases.Database developer
ITHComputer HardwareLearn how to repair, upgrade and assemble a new computer.System builder
ITOOperating SystemLearn how to install an operating system and create scripts.System engineer

Certification Exams

For each course we host one or more exams wit 30 quiz questions. There is a time limit of (1..2) minute for every question. The time left is display into a blue progress bar counting down to zero. When the time expire the exam is terminated automatically.

Exams are designed for you to learn. If the question is difficult you can mark a question for review. After you finish all questions and you have some time left you may review and fix the answer. You must answer all questions before you can end the exam.

Exam results

At the end of the exam you can register your score into the leader-board. You can record a new score every day if you repeat the exam. If you wish to remove your score record then you must submit a support ticket.

You can take an exam multiple times at interval of one day and register your new score. This give you the chance to achieve high score with >90% correct answers. For < 50% score we consider exam fail and qualification level: novice.

See also: certification