We create and host a series of open courses for Computer Science (CS) and Information Technology (IT). These courses do not have start date or end date. You can join, pause and continue any time. This gives you freedom but require self drive and motivation.  For subscribers we provide live-classes now and then using Discord video conferences.


We organize courses in two categories: Computer Science (CS) and Information Technology (IT). Each course has one main page with links to video lectures, articles and external references. Our courses are informative and light-weight. You can follow one course in less then a week. We do not have homework and you study in your own pace.

Sage-Code Open Courses
CodeCourse NameDescription
CSEEngineeringIntroductory course into computer science, programming methodology and software design.
CSPProgrammingIntermediate course for computer programming. Learn syntax from tutorials and examples.
CSDDatabasesLearn to design data-centric applications using relational and non relational databases.
ITHHardwareLearn how to repair, upgrade and assemble a new personal computer.
ITPPlatformsLearn about operating systems. How to install and maintain an operating system for your desktop PC.

Rating Exam

To complete each course you must pass a rating exam. This is a quiz with 30 questions. Each question has several possible answers. One or more is always correct. There is a time limit of 1 minute for every question. The time is display into a blue progress bar counting down to zero. When the time expire the exam is terminated automatically. 

At the end of the exam you can register your rating into the leader-board. You can record a new score every day if you repeat the exam. If you wish to remove your rating from public display you must submit a support ticket. Even if you remove your user, the exam records are not erased. 

Rating Levels

We estimate 5 rating levels depending on your score. If you have a score lower then 50% you are considered not prepared and you fail the exam. Novice title is not actually granted to any member. All freelancers members are considered Novice until they pass the exams.

<50% NoviceYou do not have a common knowledge or an understanding of basic techniques and concepts.You are expected to focus on learning before performing this skill.
<70% IntermediateYou have the level of experience gained in a classroom and/or experimental scenarios or as a trainee on-the-job. You are expected to need help when performing this skill.
<80% AdvancedYou are able to complete tasks in this competency as requested. Help from an expert may be required from time to time, but you can usually do the job independently.
<90% ProficientYou can do the actions associated with this skill without help. You are certainly recognized within your immediate organization as “a person to ask” when difficult questions arise about this skill.
>90% ExpertYou are known as an expert in this area. You can give guidance, teaching, tutoring and lead a team that work in this area.


After you pass the required exams you can claim your credentials. This is a digital document that you can download or refer to using “website” link on your profile. Credentials are available only for subscribers.

Disclaimer: These credentials do not represent a degree or diploma. It is merely an open letter of recommendation. You can use it to prove you have completed our training program. 
TitleFirst ExamSecond Exam
Software DeveloperCSE: Software EngineeringCSP: Programming (**)
Website DeveloperCSE: Software EngineeringCSP: HTML+CSS+JavaScript
Database DeveloperCSD: Database DesignCSP: PL/SQL
System BuilderITH: Computer HardwareITO: Operating Systems
System DeveloperCSE: Software EngineeringITO: Operating Systems
Options: Title will be customized for your particular skills. For example we will use Java Developer, Python Developer, Front-end Developer, Back-end Developer or Full Stack Developer depending on your rating exams and activity.


This document include your name, title and exam ratings. At the bottom we include the release date and digital signature of your instructor. The design of this document will be changed for next year to look more like a letter than a diploma. 


Note: Document creation may take 10 days. We will send you a private message when the document is ready for download. We no longer print this document, our printer is out of ink. The advantage is credential documents are hosted for free now.